Brown Rice Friend or Foe?

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I am not a medical professional or a medical researcher. I am a macrobiotic professional with more than forty years of experience guiding many thousands of my clients on diet and lifestyle to recover and maintain their health. I have observed the power and benefits of the regular consumption of brown rice on the young and old over these forty years.

Pertinent Info about your Health and Breast Cancer

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In my last post, I was trying to help others understand about Macrobiotics and disease.  The recent news of Angelina Jolie’s preventive double mastectomy concerned me because women look to her and could repeat this procedure.  I hope that someday everyone can understand that there is another way to prevent disease, especially breast cancer.  I [...]

Shining Light on Breast Cancer Prevention

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Dr. John McDougall recently posted a blog about Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy.  Immediately after reading, I was so inspired to elaborate on some of his ideas.  I admire Dr. McDougall because he presents research in understandable terms, but in experience with my clients I have seen that there are other necessary dietary recommendations that he [...]

Every Cancer Has a Silver Lining

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I thought that everyone would be interested in this New York Times piece about Kris Carr and the rebuttal that Jeff Silberman wrote. "Every Cancer Has a Silver Lining" I was interested to read Mireille Silcoff's article on Kris Carr in the New York Times magazine (8/14/11) as my wife had recently cured herself of [...]

Eco Etiquette: Help! Am I Doomed By Dioxins?

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I consider it no small irony that the first syllable of the word dioxins sounds like die: So potent is this group of more than 100 cancer-causing industrial chemicals that the Environmental Protection Agency is currently considering setting the "safe" daily level for human exposure at seven-tenths of a picogram per kilogram of body weight. [...]

Stage 3 Testicular Cancer

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In October of 1984, about four days after his wedding day John was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Greatly dissatisfied with past experiences with the medical profession and the options being offered him, he decided to seek other options. Two years prior to this diagnosis John had read two books on Macrobiotics, “You Are All Sanpaku” [...]

Health and Medicine

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We are approaching a crossroads in modern life. Science, medicine and technology are advancing rapidly. Despite claims in the media that we are leading a better way of life, it is easy to see that this is not true in many ways. I think that it is hard for most of us to say that [...]

Good Health

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A good Macrobiotic practice means that the person in question has good digestion, from the beginning to the end of the digestive process, good circulation and good nutrition, which is nourishment. Good nutrition means both quality and quantity. The idea that simple and clean food is always better is false. Too much simple and clean food may [...]

Healthy Aging

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The process of healthy aging means transformation from the physical world towards the spiritual world. When young, we are more interested in physical and sensory things. We liked to be very active and we are interested in stimulating our senses, often times with loud music. As we start to grow and mature, we become more [...]

Making Balance with Society

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Many aspects of life are speeding up and getting more intense. We can see this reflected in television shows which move faster than their early counterparts, in the weather, which doesn’t correspond to seasons as it once did; in technology which constantly outdates itself. Society has become more pressured, crowded and contracted in every way. [...]

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