We are approaching a crossroads in modern life. Science, medicine and technology are advancing rapidly. Despite claims in the media that we are leading a better way of life, it is easy to see that this is not true in many ways. I think that it is hard for most of us to say that life is happier, easier or safer than in the past. We read statistics that say we are living longer, yet we probably all know young people who have cancer and other life threatening diseases. We also know young people who have died unexpectedly in or before the prime of life.

It is becoming clear that we will have to decide on which direction to take to guide us towards a better and healthier life. Modern medicine complemented with alternatives is one choice, the other a broad, embracing way of life, which enables us to choose from a broad range of healing modalities. People are more aware of their health than ever before. The popularity of alternative medicine is rapidly increasing each year.

These two streams that are emerging are not always complementary. Will we be satisfied by modern medicine that is supplemented with alternative healing? Will this approach lead us towards better and lasting health? I think we can safely say no to both questions.

Macrobiotics is like an umbrella. It covers everything. Diet and lifestyle are part of life. Macrobiotics is about health, not sickness. Modern medicine is about sickness, not health. It is for special cases and emergencies and therefore should not be our major focus.

The seven steps of strengthening health macrobiotics are a gateway to lasting health. By sitting down to eat, chewing our food well, having grains and a separate vegetable dish as the basis of a meal, we can move towards a better and healthier life for ourselves and for the world. We can improve heart disease, obesity and many other diseases. In this way we can fulfill our promise on this planet. Please begin today!