The process of healthy aging means transformation from the physical world towards the spiritual world. When young, we are more interested in physical and sensory things. We liked to be very active and we are interested in stimulating our senses, often times with loud music.

As we start to grow and mature, we become more interested first in emotional and then later in social issues. Then as we move towards old age, we start to become more interested in life issues and the value of our own life. We start to look back at our life and ask whether we did the things we wanted to do or are happy with our lives. Then finally, we start to think about moving on to the next world and this is generally the natural process of aging. It is a process of growth and maturation, not getting old, hard and drying out.

Healthy aging means we go into each area of our life and we can enjoy it fully and completely. As we are able to comfortably move on to the next level, it does not mean we are abandoning the level before. It just means our central focus is somewhere else. But we are free to move however we like, up or down continually. This is the most natural part of aging.

Proper, or balanced, nutrition and proper circulation are essential for healthy aging. The practice of Strengthening Health Macrobiotics moves us towards healthy aging. Cancer of all kinds, cholesterol and heart issues as well as many other kinds of sickness all are helped by Strengthening Health Macrobiotics. But its seven steps can also be used simply to age naturally.