Do you feel have the same desires as others who come to me with diabetes, because you want to:

  • see if your condition can be reversed, because you want to get back to a more joyful life again
  • find out if you can still eat carbohydrates, so that you can enjoy more of the foods that you love while staying healthy
  • even out your moods, for a better family, social, and work life
  • have more energy to do all the things in your life that you want and need done
  • stop being dependent upon insulin, to save you all that money, time, unpleasantness and inconvenience
  • keep a healthy diet with food you love
  • take the guess work out of finding the best snacks for adjusting your blood sugar
  • find out the best snacks for blood sugar adjusting
  • hear the truth about what is really the best natural diet for diabetes, so that you can relax, knowing that you are improving your health in a safe, gentle and effective way that will bring you back to your best health without dependency on medicine and its possible side effects

Rest assured that, over my 43 years of practice, I have helped many others in a situation similar to yours find their way back to their best health through time-tested natural food and lifestyle plans. To find out how I can guide you to your best and most vibrant health, contact me now by email or at 215-271-1858. At the very least, you will feel better knowing you have had your questions answered about the Macrobiotic path to health.

Denny Waxman