A good Macrobiotic practice means that the person in question has good digestion, from the beginning to the end of the digestive process, good circulation and good nutrition, which is nourishment. Good nutrition means both quality and quantity. The idea that simple and clean food is always better is false. Too much simple and clean food may lead to emptiness.

We should be neither too full nor too empty. Many people think it is admirable to be strict, but it isn’t. If a person or a thing is too good, that is no good.

In the past, everyone did things outside all the time. This was one of the main ways to be active. The more outdoor activity, the better for health. In modern times our lives are growing more sedentary with more time spent indoors. Walking outside, growing vegetables or other kinds of gardening and doing yard work are all natural ways of strengthening our health.

We do not need cures from outside of us as much as we need to strengthen our own connection to nature. Through working outside we can improve conditions like heart disease, lung cancer, depression and many other diseases. The healthier we become the healthier we can help our planet to be. Please create opportunities to work and play outside.