In October of 1984, about four days after his wedding day John was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Greatly dissatisfied with past experiences with the medical profession and the options being offered him, he decided to seek other options.

Two years prior to this diagnosis John had read two books on Macrobiotics, “You Are All Sanpaku” by George Ohsawa, and “Natural Healing Through Macrobiotics” by Michio Kushi. The philosophy of diet and healing as explained by these two men made the most sense to John, he decided to give macrobiotics a try.

Just weeks after receiving dietary guidelines from world renown macrobiotic counselor, Denny Waxman, the transformative effects on John’s health could be felt. One and a half years into his new diet, feeling healed, John went off his diet and suffered major setbacks as the cancer returned and spread. read article and listen to audio