About Denny Waxman

Denny Waxman has been a macrobiotic counselor since the 1970s and is one of the founders of American Macrobiotics. From the Mid-Atlantic Summer Camp, to opening Essene Market, and directing the Kushi Institute, he has been a pioneer of macrobiotics. His notoriety came after Dr. Anthony Sattilaro overcame cancer and credited Denny for saving his life in his book, Recalled by Life.

  • Author of Ultimate Guide to Eating for Longevity & The Complete Macrobiotic Diet
  • Macrobiotic Counselor
  • Former Kushi Institute Director
  • Founder of SHI Macrobiotics, Formerly Known as Strengthening Health Institute

Why Choose Denny Waxman, Macrobiotic Counselor

Clients choose Denny as their macrobiotic counselor because of his forty-five years of experience and positive approach to diet and lifestyle. Instead of pressuring clients to change all habits and practices at one time, he works with clients to help them build healthy habits and meals into their daily life.

It is easy to not to take care of yourself when busy with work, kids, and family. In addition, it is hard to know where to even start when trying to get healthy again. Are carbs bad or good? How do I prepare a healthy and satisfying meal for me and my family? What foods should I be eating? This is why it is essential to find someone with experience helping individuals such as yourself with diet and lifestyle. Denny Waxman, meets with clients in-person or over FaceTime or Skype to discuss health concerns, plan out health goals, and give recommendations. These recommendations are unique to every client and are simple but powerful practices that can greatly improve your health!

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The Ultimate Guide to Eating for Longevity

“The Ultimate Guide to Eating for Longevity could well be the most powerful and practical book you will ever own. I highly recommend it!”

– Neal D. Barnard, M.D., President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

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