Many aspects of life are speeding up and getting more intense. We can see this reflected in television shows which move faster than their early counterparts, in the weather, which doesn’t correspond to seasons as it once did; in technology which constantly outdates itself. Society has become more pressured, crowded and contracted in every way. Every open lot is built up, every road is more crowded, and people are getting more intense. Environmentally, seasons have become more erratic. There is pollution, Wi-Fi. Any type of radiation is drying, so with all the forms of radiation around us, society is becoming much more dry. There is no more natural circulation in society. Even many children don’t know how to play by themselves, and animals are penned up.

Regarding food quality, food is simply weaker and less nourishing than it was in the past.

Because of these three things—a more pressured world, a drier and more erratic environment, and weaker food quality, we need to adjust our way of eating.

We should eat brown rice, daily if possible, and if possible we should soak it before cooking for twelve or more hours. However, in addition to grain and to make balance with grain we can eat more vegetables, to make ourselves feel lighter and more connected to nature. We need more things that are light and refreshing than we did in the past. Salads, lightly blanched vegetables and pressed vegetables all help us adjust to a dry environment. We can add grated sour green apple, orange and tangerine to these. Please be sure they have a crunch and are bright in color! “Refreshing” is one of the most important nutrients! Hearts of Romaine lettuce, wedges of iceberg with slices of cucumber, served with a variety of dressings or simply vinegar—these are important now, as your health and condition allow.

Diseases such as cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure all can be helped by improved circulation, and fresh, bright vegetable dishes help our energy circulate. Strengthening Health Macrobiotics aims to help us align with nature for personal and planetary health. Please enjoy lightly cooked vegetables today!