macrobiotics todayhow to beat cancer with macrobiotics


Help me feel more hopeful about tomorrow



Do you have similar concerns as others with cancer who come to me, because you want to:

  • find out about natural alternatives for healing, because you are afraid of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation
  • recover more quickly, so you can recapture your life
  • know what role genetics plays in cancer, so that you have a better idea about how much control you have in creating health
  • have the pleasure of watching your children, grandchildren and family grow
  • feel more certain about your future, to more fully enjoy the present

Rest assured that, over my 43 years of practice, I have helped many others in a situation similar to yours find their way back to their best health through time-tested natural food and lifestyle plans. To find out how I can guide you to your best and most vibrant health, contact me now by email or at 215-271-1858. At the very least, you will feel better knowing you have had your questions answered about the Macrobiotic path to health.

Denny Waxman