Protein: The Good and the Bad

All food has protein. Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to have protein deficiency. If we eat a diet based mostly on white sugar and other refined foods, it may be possible to have a protein deficiency. Similarly, with a damaged digestive system caused by certain illnesses or excessive medical treatments, we may require [...]

Carbs: The Good and the Bad

All the world’s long-standing civilizations were grain based. In addition, all people identify with, and are inseparable from their traditional grains. Common examples include rice in Asia, bread in Europe, and corn in the Americas. As global economic development grew and the interconnectedness of cultures through globalization expands, we see different types of grain [...]

Really? Is it time to stop eating brown rice again, for real?

This question of arsenic and brown rice has been an ongoing topic. ---Cereal grains been the mainstay of the world’s civilizations for at least 10-12,000 years. ---They have the ideal balance of minerals to proteins to carbohydrates. The only other food that has a similar balance and ratio is mother’s milk. This makes cereal grains [...]

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Shooting Blanks? No Worries!

I’m not a doctor or a scientist. My perspective comes from 45 years as a macrobiotic counselor guiding people with a range of health problems, including fertility. I experience great joy and satisfaction from successfully counseling many couples back to fertility, and watching them raise healthy children. My insights are based on an understanding of [...]

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Summer Tips for Staying Cool

Macrobiotic practice and cooking were originally based on island-style cooking from Japan. Island-style cooking has a powerful ability to concentrate and strengthen energy and vitality. Over time, this style alone may become too restrictive for many. Also, many people live on a continent and in many cases, the conditions of modern life create a need [...]

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Peace for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

The most important thing in the world today is peace: inner peace, family peace, peace in our country, and peace in the world. The most productive way to use our energy is to come together, combine, and create change for personal, animal, and environmental health. Unfortunately, most people are doing the opposite-- blaming, complaining, and [...]

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Definition of Macrobiotics

SHI and Carl Ferre of GOMF are currently endeavoring to create a comprehensive definition of macrobiotics that experienced practitioners can agree on. It is our hope that this definition is broad enough to encompass all of the practice, and allows everyone to expound on the definition with their particular expression, interpretation, and focus. Our goal [...]

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Conscious Choices for an Evolving Future

It doesn't matter if global warming is a natural cycle or due to human efforts or a combination. That's not the point. The point is that debating the issue is not going to help us move into a healthy, happy, prosperous future for ourselves and the planet. Earth is living and it doesn't make sense [...]

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Things You Didn’t Know About Autism

I am not a medical doctor, but this is my experience and observation as a macrobiotic counselor. I have practiced as a counselor for 45 years, which includes counseling for a broad range of health problems from severe brain injury to mild learning disorders. I have used the same approach applied in unique ways with [...]

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Wake Up the Mind with the Microbiome

On the healthy side, we need prebiotics and probiotics, which were a common feature of the world’s long standing civilizations. A strong immunity comes from an interaction with the natural environment and developing a sense of self-reliance. A sign of strong immunity is that we have a high enough percentage of beneficial microbes that naturally [...]

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Welcome the 1 Water Year

9 Ki is a way of observing social phenomena from an energetic perspective based on Nature’s growing cycle. Last year, I shared an interpretation for 2016 from a 9 Star Ki perspective, which you can read and compare here. This year, we are moving into a 1 White Water year. The 2 Black Soil year [...]

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Coming Soon 2017… Please Read, Engage, and Share!

I am excited to announce our latest project. We are in the process of creating a handbook to adapt macrobiotic practice for the busy-ness of the 21st century. We are using the seven steps of the Strengthening Health Approach to Macrobiotic Practice and applying them to four common lifestyles of people today. We will be [...]

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An Open Letter to President Donald Trump

An Open Letter to President Donald Trump By: Denny Waxman; Founder & President of the Strengthening Health Institute, Acclaimed Author, Wellness Educator, and Esteemed Health Counselor. Making America great again is more than strengthening the economy. America's true greatness stems from the people who inhabit this continent. Although prosperity and world leadership are important, it [...]

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Can We Make 2017 the Year of Uncommon and Unexpected Good?

Change often makes us uncomfortable. Maybe there is a bright side to the unexpected changes that we experienced in 2016. From my observation, there are three things that I believe people did not expect. The first two are global and the last within the global macrobiotic community. First, the British exit from the European Union, [...]

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Macrobiotic Coaches, Macrobiotic Counselors Part 2

In guiding people through macrobiotic practice, there is a big leap to go from offering guidance for the most common widespread problems to guiding those with cancer, advanced cardiovascular problems, HIV, Lyme disease, serious psychological, addiction or nervous system problems, and other immune issues. It is possible however, to learn how to guide people with [...]

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