How to Eat Healthy When Your Partner Doesn’t

From my experience, I have seen many people make small adjustments at a time that result in very big improvements over time. The most important aspects are flexibility, understanding, and acceptance. Sharing your thoughts and feelings about why you are making adjustments can also improve your connectedness and bring you together through that communication as well as through the food you continue to enjoy with each other.

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Is it Too Late to Start Eating Healthy During Pregnancy?

It can be difficult to plan a pregnancy and often times diets have not been changed specifically to nurture a baby prior to conceiving. That said, there may be different approaches to take depending on whether you've been planning a pregnancy for years, or didn't realize it until well into the pregnancy.

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Regulating Thyroid Issues Naturally

A recent article in the New York Times discusses a link between psychiatric troubles and imbalances in thyroid hormones. Quite often subtle imbalances in thyroid hormones can create depression, anxiety and other psychiatric problems. From a macrobiotic or energetic point of view, the thyroid is the balancing point between the pituitary and adrenal [...]

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