How to Eat Your Sweets and Become Even Healthier

Sweet Vegetable Soup, photo by Susan Waxman Craving sweets is usually associated with emotional satisfaction. We often feel guilty indulging our taste for sweets. Craving sweets may not be such a bad thing. Sweet is the most important and healthiest taste, followed by salty and sour tastes, followed by bitter and pungent tastes. [...]

How To Become 100 Years Old

A Rice Harvest at Blue Moon Acres in Pennington, New Jersey I recently viewed this talk by Dan Buettner on the Blue Zones. The Blue Zones are the places in the world with the highest concentrations of centenarians--the people who live to be 100 or beyond. He compiled research about their eating habits [...]

Do We Have Something in Common with Lorikeets?

Peaceful scene of balance I was recently surprised to read about the destruction of the natural life experienced by lorikeets when unnatural foods are introduced into their diets. Many are feeding lorikeets simple sugars from syrups, honeys, and jams to encourage them into their backyards. In turn, the regular diet of the lorikeets [...]

4 Preparations That Bring Out the Goodness of Food

Photo by Susan Waxman In a recent entry , I began to discuss the benefits of cooking food. Cooking is a lifetime study that makes humans unique. It is a practice we can enjoy and learn from everyday without end. Each method of cooking affects the color, taste, aroma, and textures of foods [...]

10 Do-It-Yourself Practices To Achieve Natural Health

Lake Shrine Temple in California Recently, The New York Times published a piece Angelina Jolie Pitt wrote regarding her recent medical decisions as they relate to her family's history and struggle with cancer. In the article, she wrote about her choice to have a double mastectomy and later, to remove her ovaries and [...]

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Create Meals You Can Be Proud Of

A work of art. Photo by Susan Waxman Many believe that cooking destroys the nutrition in foods. Cooking literally transforms the nutrition that is available in foods. This can be done for better, or for worse depending on how food is prepared and cooked. All methods of preparation including pickling and fermenting are [...]

10 Days to Meet Your Protein Requirements

Part of a macrobiotic meal prepares by Susan Waxman and students at a recent Strengthening Health Intensive seminar One of the common misconceptions about vegan diets is that they are deficient in protein due to the lack of animal and dairy foods. However, all foods in their natural state contain protein; it is nearly impossible [...]

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10 Things That Will Transform Your Health

It's becoming apparent that macrobiotics is the healthiest approach to diet and lifestyle. I've spent the past 43 years developing and refining the best possible ways to achieve the maximum benefits from this way of eating and living. A student of mine once said that no one can dispute that the practice of yoga is [...]

The Best Overall Diet

Photo by Susan Waxman This list from U.S. News & World Report ranked what they consider the healthiest overall diets. The diets were ranked using the following standards: short-term weight loss, long-term weight loss, diabetes management, heart health management, ease of compliance, nutritional completeness, and safety/health risks. Macrobiotics ranked 26th out of 35 [...]

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Health and Weight Check-yourself-list

I recently read an article in the New York Times about a study in San Diego that researchers conducted on mice. In the study, they restricted some mice to certain eating times; some mice were fed within a five hour window, some an eight hour window and some a twelve hour window. Others were allowed [...]

One Mind, One Heart

There is one mind common to all individual men. Every man is an inlet to the same and to all of the same. He that is once admitted to the right of reason is made a freeman of the whole estate. What Plato thought, he may think; what a saint has felt, he may feel; [...]

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The Macro Leap

I invite you to take the MACRO leap. Macrobiotics is not a fad diet; it is humanity’s original way of eating. Perhaps most importantly, macrobiotics is a lifestyle for everyone. The practice is all-inclusive because it is a constant journey of adding healthy, balanced practices into daily life. Practicing macrobiotics is flexible and adaptable to [...]

Our Digestive System is Not On Call 24 Hours a Day

I was happy to find an article in The New York Times that reinforces the importance of eating healthy meals at regular times. This is an issue I have been writing and teaching about for more than 20 years, so it is nice to see these ideas getting mainstream support. The article links the effects [...]

Do you soak your grain?

Rice growing in the fields of Blue Moon Acres Farm. A number of my longtime clients are elderly women who have come to me with a variety of health concerns.  I have counseled these women over many years regarding their diet and lifestyle practices according to macrobiotic principles.  Some of these women have [...]