This question of arsenic and brown rice has been an ongoing topic.

—Cereal grains been the mainstay of the world’s civilizations for at least 10-12,000 years.
—They have the ideal balance of minerals to proteins to carbohydrates. The only other food that has a similar balance and ratio is mother’s milk. This makes cereal grains the most satisfying, complete, and nutritionally balanced foods on the planet.
—Cereal grains are the seed and the fruit of the plant merged into one, and thus encompass the entire life cycle of the plant kingdom.
—They can keep their life force longer than any other food in storage and still sprout and reproduce.
—Cereal grains have a unique and powerful nourishment that re-energizes and nourishes our physical and mental vitality and flexibility.
—They offer natural protection against various types of environmental pollutants due to phytic acid.
—They keep the digestive system healthy.
—The bran regulates the passage of food in the digestive system and binds with pollutants and cholesterol to transport them out of the body.

Why Brown Rice?
—Brown rice is always delicious and satisfying, and most people never tire of eating it.
—Brown rice combines with and enhances the foods that it is cooked with. Try brown rice with farro or cooked with lentils or chickpeas.
—All other foods align with it and cook in a similar amount of time as brown rice. For example, beans require less time when cooked with brown rice.
—Brown rice enhances and combines well with every other food on the planet. Try it in combinations with any type of other grains, beans, vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits, sea vegetables, and even animal and dairy foods.
—From my experience, brown rice has the greatest healing ability amongst grains and has been an essential part of my healing practice for nearly fifty years.

We hope you continue to enjoy all of the benefits of eating brown rice. If you ask me, it is one of the most unique foods on the planet.

Simple Guidelines for the Greatest Benefit:
—If you are concerned about arsenic, choose organic California rice
—Soak brown rice overnight or longer
—It is generally recommended to soak the brown rice and then cook it in new water. However, at home we cook the brown rice in its soaking water to keep the flavors and nutrients that release into the soaking water.

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