I’m not a doctor or a scientist. My perspective comes from 45 years as a macrobiotic counselor guiding people with a range of health problems, including fertility. I experience great joy and satisfaction from successfully counseling many couples back to fertility, and watching them raise healthy children. My insights are based on an understanding of diet, lifestyle, and health as well as practical experience.

This week, a flurry of alarming articles about declining male fertility over the past 40 years has been sweeping the internet. Many of these articles conclude that endocrine disruptors, obesity, climate change, and modern life are causes of or contributors to this decline.

Endocrine disrupters in our food and environment do contribute. Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and microwaves (often unmentioned) are inescapable parts of modern life, and also contribute to this decline. Factor in climate change and obesity, and it seems as if the future of the species is yet again, in a grim situation.

Now for the good news! You can start to see improvement in sperm quality in a few weeks to a few months time.


Sperm is transmuted directly from the blood. It is a reflection of blood quality. What you eat today enters your blood plasma by tomorrow. Blood plasma, the liquid portion, renews itself every 10 days. Red blood cells every 120 days. Blood renews itself according to diet, activity, and environment. Healthy blood makes healthy sperm.

In essence, blood quality—something constantly changing and renewing, directly influences fertility, particularly in the case of sperm quality. The same principles are true for egg quality; the process requires more time. In health, we have a powerful ability to neutralize and eliminate various forms of toxification. When you have a healthy diet and lifestyle, you have to ability to eliminate and neutralize harmful substances in food or from environmental factors.

Main causes in decline in sperm and blood quality
–An animal and dairy based diet
–Soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, iced drinks, and commercial beer
–Fast foods, in general which combine the weakening effects of both.
–Loss of contact with natural environments, including sunshine and fresh air.
–Sitting and being surrounded by TVs, computers, cell phones, WiFi, and cordless phones.
–Excessive and extreme weight and physical training

All of these things acidify and weaken bloody quality. These foods and habits (also the causes of obesity) make us more susceptible to the harmful effects of endocrine disrupters, microwaves, and many modern environments factors.

How to reverse it
–A grain, bean, and vegetable based diet, particularly vegetables with high fiber and mineral content (such as kale, collards, turnips, carrots, onions, leeks, bok choy, cabbage)
–A variety of naturally pickled and fermented foods.
–Orderly schedule and mealtimes, especially: sleeping before midnight, rising early in the morning, and consistently starting lunch by 1:00 p.m.
–More contact with Nature through all seasons.
–Sunshine, fresh air, and a variety of outdoor activities.

In conclusion, healthy people are naturally fertile.