On the healthy side, we need prebiotics and probiotics, which were a common feature of the world’s long standing civilizations. A strong immunity comes from an interaction with the natural environment and developing a sense of self-reliance. A sign of strong immunity is that we have a high enough percentage of beneficial microbes that naturally keep unhealthy ones out.

Because we’ve largely destroyed the natural balance of our microbiomes, we have often chosen instead to resort to artificial means to protect ourselves from nature and the environment. It is a self-protective, defensive measure that keeps us from connecting fully with nature, and further weakens our immunity. When plants are spared from sprays and raised in polycultures, they develop immunity that protects them from certain predators. We are similar. The focus of medicine today is still fear-based. It is clearly time to change the focus to cultivating health as opposed to destroying illness.

What are the things that compromise and/or weaken our microbiome?
-Over-dependence on out-of-climate foods, which breaks our connection to local environment.
-Chaotic eating (eating at irregular times, skipping meals)
-Lack of sleep
-Lack of contact with the natural environment
-Disconnection from the healthy foods and lifestyle practices of the past
-Foods that last indefinitely like most modern fast foods and snack foods
-Over-dependence on antibiotics
-Excessive sanitization
-Excessive immunizations
-Chemicalized foods

A steady combination of these things destroys our natural ability to think clearly, figure things out, have powerful memory, and be self-reliant. The opposite of all of these habits and customs were practiced by all of the world’s civilizations for thousands of years including, up until recently, the United States. Science has shown very clearly the connection between our microbiome, our health, immunity, thinking, and moods. It is no wonder that the country is falling behind in so many ways, namely also in education.

We can however, change and transform our microbiome that can in turn, help us recover the ability to think clearly and be self-reliant. Soil in varying stages of depletion can over time come back to life. The same can be said about our internal environment. These changes must all be biologically based.

Microbiome Recovery
-diet and eating habits
-lifestyle practices
-contact with nature and the changing seasons
-social interaction
-organic and simply processed foods

For further details, please refer back to “The Complete Macrobiotic Diet.”