It doesn’t matter if global warming is a natural cycle or due to human efforts or a combination. That’s not the point. The point is that debating the issue is not going to help us move into a healthy, happy, prosperous future for ourselves and the planet. Earth is living and it doesn’t make sense to endlessly extract and mine for fossil fuels. Nor does it make sense to endanger the future of the planet with nuclear energy when sustainable energy and technologies are already being developed and utilized. Earth sustains and nourishes future generations as much as ourselves.

We’ve gone through four changes in global collective awareness since the 1960s.

1st: There is a direct connection between diet and health, which was essentially ignited through the work of macrobiotic pioneers.

As a result, there is a common agreement that what we eat is important, regardless if there is no agreement on what is the most effective path yet.

2nd: Food production and daily food choices affect the environment. These choices determine whether we will preserve or further squander soil, land, water, and air. Modern industrial animal agriculture uses the most water and pollutes the most, followed by chemical and GMO agriculture.

3rd: Concern for animal welfare is much more widespread. Pets and animals are a very important part of many people’s lives today. People have more concern to avoid the use of animal testing for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. There are more vegans today that take it as a moral principle to abstain from animal products than ever before.

4th: The earth is living and evolving and deserves the same care and respect as humans and animals.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that we are inseparable from each other, animals, and the planet. Now is the time to introduce sustainable and evolving practices that can strengthen and nourish personal and planetary health on all levels. At this point, it comes down to making a choice about how you will live your life. Your daily choices, actions, and attitudes will determine what we leave for our children and future generations.