An Open Letter to President Donald Trump
By: Denny Waxman; Founder & President of the Strengthening Health Institute, Acclaimed Author, Wellness Educator, and Esteemed Health Counselor.

Making America great again is more than strengthening the economy. America’s true greatness stems from the people who inhabit this continent. Although prosperity and world leadership are important, it is personal and environmental health that will allow us to return to greatness. If we want people to be truly healthy, we need to engage them early. The ideal places for the young to learn how to become healthy are: during a mother’s pregnancy, at home, and at school. This fundamental education has been the primary focus of my life for many years as an educator, counselor and mentor.

In addition to your current plans, I hope you will consider the following points.

Getting Back to Nature
Healthy people are strong, creative, resilient, connected to the land, think clearly and discover creative solutions to problems. The celebrated indomitable American spirit comes from healthy people. Healthy people in touch with the land established the values of this great country in the first place. Our children have become most egregiously disconnected from both health and the land.

The founding fathers were also known as the founding gardeners. They had a great love and passion for this land, and worked jointly to preserve agriculture and seed diversity. Truly healthy people with a strong sense of stewardship for nature will be the best hope to return America to greatness again.

Returning to Food Consciousness
All of the world’s long standing civilizations shared some things in common. The contents of their diet were grains, beans, vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits, pickled and fermented foods, soups, and mild beverages. The foods were naturally organic and minimally processed. Animal and dairy foods were consumed in far smaller quantities prior to the Industrial Revolution.

There were strong family structures and support systems that included regular meal times. They also shared much more contact with nature. These habits and values became the essence of their ability to create societies that could last for hundreds or thousands of years. These habits and patterns were the mainstays of diet and lifestyle up until the Industrial Revolution. They changed even more after WWII.

Investing in Our Future
Our return to greatness begins with individual and environmental health. Similar to our bodies’ continual quest to return to a natural healthy state, nature is also continually trying to clean and renew itself. Investing in sustainable agriculture and renewable energy will support the earth’s ability to do so.

Healthy people will seek out healthy foods, healthy lifestyle practices, and a healthy environment. The approach to health that I’ve developed over the past 50 years is based on adding healthy diet and lifestyle practices, rather than taking foods and habits away. I have found this to be the most effective way to return to and maintain lasting health. And, I have confidence that this approach can yield strong results for every American, in every aspect of health.

Answering the Call to Counsel
In this time of unexpected and uncommon change, it is my dream to leverage the current climate to reintroduce these health-focused ideas to America. Through health education for mothers before and during pregnancy, for the home and classroom, I have been fortunate enough to impact the lives of many fellow Americans over the years. The Strengthening Health Approach can return our country to greatness, and over time, is easy to incorporate into existing American lifestyles.

I humbly offer my support and counsel for American health improvement to drive the success that we have become accustomed to expecting. By reconnecting individuals to nature, this is something we can achieve.

Thank you for considering these ideas; I hope that we can work together to incorporate them into your agenda for making America great again.

Denny Waxman
Founder & President