Your New Go-To Macrobiotics Counselor in Los Angeles

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Why Should You Choose Denny as Your Los Angeles Macrobiotic Counselor? Not only does Denny have forty-five years of macrobiotic counseling experience but his macrobiotic approach has been updated to fit into modern day life. On top of it, Denny’s philosophy is every healthy choice is beneficial.

Can We Make 2017 the Year of Uncommon and Unexpected Good?

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Change often makes us uncomfortable. Maybe there is a bright side to the unexpected changes that we experienced in 2016. From my observation, there are three things that I believe people did not expect. The first two are global and the last within the global macrobiotic community. First, the British exit from the European Union, [...]

Portugal and Nature’s Qi

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The view from my hotel room in Vimeiro I have just returned from a seminar in Portugal called "Awakening Qi" with my long time friends and associates, Bill Tara and Chico Varatojo. The seminar focused on how we use and work with qi in our daily life and professional healing practices. I came [...]

To the Farmer’s Market

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I'd like to thank Ben Bergman of Greener Pastures and Stephen Waxman of Trax Cafe for having Susan and I at the Ambler Farmer's Market to talk about "The Complete Macrobiotic Diet." Farmer's markets provide many benefits for the health of individuals and communities. Farmer's markets help us to learn about and reconnect with food [...]

Teachers Teaching Teachers in Lisbon, Portugal

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Good morning, If you have a chance, please check out this flyer: TEACHERS TEACHING TEACHERS2. I will be in Portugal during October 17-19th with my long-time friends to speak on a very important topic. Please share this with people who may be interested. Registration is due by August 15th. Thank you

Photo Tour of L.A.

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Susan and I just returned from a week in Santa Monica and Venice Beach to do some counseling and be with family. We spent our time going to all of the macrobiotic restaurants and other neat venues, but we never got a chance to contact all of our L.A. friends! Next time. In the meantime, [...]

A Second New Year; Get Ready for Spring!

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If you didn’t get a chance to make your resolutions stick since January 1st, you have another chance! And this new year also follows the course of nature. This new year, February 4th, is celebrated in Asia and traces of its western roots are in the celebration of Groundhog’s Day. Groundhog’s Day is a token [...]

Getting to the “Heart of Things” in Lisbon, Portugal

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  This past week, I traveled to Lisbon, Portugal to participate in two events. The first three days of my trip, I participated in The GreenFest, a three day festival at the Estoril Congress Center. As you may guess, The GreenFest commits to annually showcasing and demonstrating the current progress and topics surrounding sustainability in business, [...]

Macrobiotic Institute in Valencia, Spain

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Appetizer and Soup at Kimpira Last week I traveled to Valencia, Spain to spend the week teaching at the Instituto Macrobiótico de España. My colleagues and good friends Patricia Restrepo and her husband Emilio Espi are the directors of the institute, Patricia is also the director Green Yoga,  housed in the same building.  Together, [...]

Trip to Taipei

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The trip to Taipei with Susan was a nice blend of research, vacation and adventure. The adventure began with the flight, when we tried to leave for San Francisco on July 10th; our flight was delayed due to the crash on July 6th-- only one runway operational. We were originally supposed to layover at the [...]

Twitter Wednesdays!

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Didn't get the chance to participate in last week's Twitter contest to win $100 off a macrobiotic consultation? Never fear, you have a second chance this week. Here's what you do: Follow @dennywaxman on Twitter and "Like" Denny Waxman on Facebook, if you're not doing so already. Next, answer the question, @dennywaxman why do you [...]

Twitter Wednesdays!

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How it works: Start by following @dennywaxman on Twitter and "liking", if you're not doing so already. Next, answer the question, @dennywaxman what's your favorite way to eat brown rice? Be sure to include @dennywaxman and the hashtag #strengtheninghealthmacrobiotics with your Tweet. What do you win? $100 off of a macrobiotic consultation with Denny [...]

A Response to Dr. John McDougall’s Article “Why Did Steve Jobs Die?”

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John McDougall’s latest newsletter is titled, Why Did Steve Jobs Die? I read this issue with great interest the moment I received it to see Dr. McDougall’s insight into a question that has many people wondering. Would Steve Jobs’ life have been extended if he had surgery for pancreatic cancer 9 months earlier? John McDougall [...]

Did He or Didn’t He? Steve Jobs and Macrobiotics

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In a recent 60 Minutes interview, Walter Isaacson claimed that Steve Jobs tried to heal himself through alternative healing practices, including "various ways of doing it macrobiotically.” As a macrobiotic teacher and counselor for 40 years, I was disturbed by the light in which macrobiotics was presented in this segment. Furthermore, it does not seem [...]

Emotions and Blood Quality

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In macrobiotics we look at illness as a developmental progression. The first major stage, which is not really an illness itself in many cases, is our blood starting to become imbalanced. Our blood, which has hemoglobin, iron containing protein at the center, is important for maintaining our direction in life. When our blood quality is [...]

Standing Ovation

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Check out Standing Ovation! It was made at the Jersey shore and Susan provided macrobiotic snacks and lunches for the cast and crew. Through original songs and dance numbers, Standing Ovation delivers an optimistic tale of perseverance and passion that inspires the American dream in all of us. The film showcases a talented cast of [...]

Susan and Denny Waxman with James Brolin

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Susan and Denny with James Brolin, (Executive Producer) on the set of the film “Standing Ovation” which was shot in Philly, New York and New Jersey. Susan prepared macrobiotic meals and snacks for the Hollywood cast and crew while they were in the area. The crew of the film, which includes many young rising stars, [...]