The most important thing in the world today is peace: inner peace, family peace, peace in our country, and peace in the world. The most productive way to use our energy is to come together, combine, and create change for personal, animal, and environmental health. Unfortunately, most people are doing the opposite– blaming, complaining, and accusing others.

Complaining, blaming, and accusing mainly leads to negative consequences, are exhausting, and decrease our chances of making positive change.
The Universe begins and ends with you. We all have the power of the Infinite Oneness and all of Nature, as we are expressions and manifestations of this Infinite Universe. We all have great personal power. We can either use this power, or give it away to others who will use it for us.
Change begins and ends with us.

Do you think it’s time to start using your personal power to create positive change?
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2 Short Stories From Observations and Experiences

Artificial Sweeteners

You may remember cyclamates. The FDA banned them in 1969 as a suspected carcinogen. With this ban, people were running to the stores to buy up the remaining cyclamate-sweetened sodas. People were terrified that they would no longer have products that would help them lose weight. People still do not understand the harm these products cause, and still want them.

The truth is, artificial sweeteners cause cancer. Artificial sweeteners also cause weight gain because they inhibit the body’s ability to eliminate what it doesn’t need. What goes in and what goes out are equally important for health, and certain things block our body’s ability to detoxify. Artificial sweeteners are one of those things. Lastly, artificial sweeteners enhance appetite for foods that spoil health.

Even though the government banned cyclamates in 1969, we have even more artificial sweeteners available today. If there is any change, it begins with ourselves. These products should be banned, but the solution is in our power. If we don’t want artificial sweeteners, GMOs, or Roundup, don’t buy them. This is the only long-lasting solution: understanding how harmful these products are, stop buying them, and stop using them.

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Immunity and Self-Responsibility

From working with many clients with diverse health concerns, I began to notice that as people’s immunity got weaker, they began to seek more often outside of themselves for solutions. This would often be in the form of a magic pill or product, or a magic person to help them. Conversely, as people strengthened their overall health and immunity, they automatically became more self-reliant, taking more responsibility for their health and life. This has been a consistent observation over many years.

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10 Steps to Peace
—Start to let go of complaints, blames, and accusations. This does not mean denying them, but allowing them to dissipate naturally over time.
—Develop more compassion for self, others, and animals.
—Try to observe and marvel at the beauty of nature everyday.
—Eat peaceful, plant-based foods grown by people with care and love.
—Minimize or avoid animal and dairy foods, even humanely raised.
—Increase contact with nature and spend more time out of doors.
—Adopt some sort of regular and consistent breathing, meditation, or spiritual practice.
—Have more home-cooked foods prepared with love and care.
—Sleep and rise early.
—Integrate or add life-related happy, stimulating activities.

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