On November 6th, at the International House in Philadelphia, Susan and I will be joining with Anh-Huong and Thu Nguyen to lead a day in the complementary practices of mindfulness meditation and macrobiotics.

I believe this event is the first step in returning to some of the original guiding principles of macrobiotic practice. Macrobiotics was introduced to initiate personal, social, and planetary transformation. It began as a peaceful, biological revolution that spread from person to person. To reiterate, healthy peaceful people naturally lead to healthy families, communities, and societies. Macrobiotics then gave us the practical tools and guidelines to create this transformation.

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Philosophy without practice is useless. Practice without philosophy is dangerous. George Ohsawa

Originally, macrobiotics had great energy and vitality to spread health and peace throughout all levels of society. By the late 70s, the focus of the macrobiotic practice and message shifted to the prevention of and recovery from cancer and other serious illness. In the early 90s, it became apparent that the focus and practice of macrobiotics needed to change again. I was interested in shifting the direction from a food-based, restrictive approach to a more open, flexible, embracing practice. I developed an orderly approach to eating and lifestyle with emphasis on adding, not taking away. I also wanted to reemphasize that lasting health is guided by spirit.

Now is the time to combine the practices of mindfulness and macrobiotics. When we first met Anh-Huong and Thu, we discovered just how deeply complementary their mindfulness meditation practice was with the orderly, diet-based approach of macrobiotics. Both practices spring from the same spiritual source: to be open, appreciative, and embracing of all of life.

The mindfulness practice emphasizes bringing awareness, care, and intention into everything we do. This practice leads to healing and transformation which brings us closer to deep joy and happiness. I believe that combining the practices that Anh-Huong and Thu Nguyen have to share with us with an orderly macrobiotic practice will create something new and unique on many levels. Please join us for this day that we are very excited to share with you. Register early as space is limited.