9 Ki is a way of observing social phenomena from an energetic perspective based on Nature’s growing cycle. Last year, I shared an interpretation for 2016 from a 9 Star Ki perspective, which you can read and compare here. This year, we are moving into a 1 White Water year.

The 2 Black Soil year that we just completed was one of socializing, interaction, support—of slowly building things up. Now we are moving into a time that is markedly different from the social nurturing orientation we just left. We move into 1 Water, particularly moving water. Winter symbolizes 1 Water.

It’s a time of resolution and gathering our energy and reserves, as a plant would redirect energy to its roots. Another useful image is of a seed gathering energy in preparation for germination. Both the roots and the seed combined describe the atmosphere well. Essentially, 1 Water will be a year of gathering internal energy and replenishing reserves. As the year progresses, particularly when the weather changes, releasing what has gathered during this winter will move towards reconnecting. This is much like what happens during the spring thaw when water warms up and begins to flow.

For the upcoming year, we can take a look at some of the properties of moving water itself.

Relevant Properties of Moving Water
-has independence and insecurity
-shadowy and gloomy or bright and positive
-endlessly adapting and combining with other water
-has great vitality, powerful memory, and can overcome anything
-moves easily between the visible and invisible worlds (think of the water cycle- gas, liquid, solid states)

Focusing on aligning our energy with these properties of water will help us work “behind the scenes” within ourselves to manifest things for the future. These manifestations will appear as the year progresses and especially in the following year.

The general energy and atmosphere, and the experience of this 1 Water year for each of us will be different, according to one’s personal nature. We each have a different part to play in manifesting change.
This year is a good year for re-nourishing ourselves, gathering energy, doing internal work, and making lasting connections with others. It is also a year for reaching out of our own circles. It is not a year for becoming overly independent or burning bridges. The gist is finding resolution and creating connections.

2018 will be a very different year, in which everything will flower and come to the surface. Nothing will remain hidden, and there will be no secrets. We will feel either the success of our efforts or further separation and disagreement. It is also a year of change-ability as it is a 9 Purple Fire year, so it can seem fickle, abrupt, and flicker like a candle or a fire. The atmosphere is intelligent, creative, and can have a sharp tongue. We may be interested in one thing one day and something completely different the next.

There is a larger cycle that also begins in 2018; We will transition from the nine year 3 Light Green Tree cycle to a 2 Black Soil cycle. We will move from the quick, frank, and expressive atmosphere into a deeper time to honor food and its preparation, the earth, women and the feminine, and macrobiotic practice.