Your Go-To Chicago Macrobiotic Counselor

The city of Chicago has a competitive job market, long winters, and busy streets. Therefore, it is easy to lose track of your health and forget to take care of yourself. This is why it is important to find a Chicago macrobiotic counselor that you can talk to in the comfort of your own home. Well, your in luck! Denny Waxman, a macrobiotic counselor, meets with clients over Facetime or Skype to discuss health problems, give recommendations, and plan health goals.

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Your Go-To Toronto Macrobiotic Counselor

Toronto, Canada’s biggest city, is considered an economically powerful city because of the high concentration of private IT companies. Therefore, it is easy to forget to take care of yourself while hard at work. That is why it is so important to find a macrobiotic counselor you can talk to in the comfort of your own home. Well, your in luck! Denny Waxman, a Toronto macrobiotic counselor, is here to help. Denny is able to meet with you over FaceTime or Skype. During a session with him, you can discuss their health problems, receive advice on how to feel better, and plan out health goals.

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10 Natural Anti-Aging Secrets

Everyone seems to be concerned about aging these days. People take special preparations and treatments to reverse the natural process of aging. Most of these treatments are based on hormonal and/or nutritional supplements, creams and injections, or surgery. Unfortunately, these treatments are only temporary and oftentimes these treatments backfire. What are the differences between those who age well and those who do not? 

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Your Go-To Macrobiotic Counselor NYC

New York City is known for being highly congested, a competitive job market, and pricey living. Meaning most people are working long hours and struggling to take time for themselves and their health. That is why it is important to find a macrobiotic counselor in the city. Fortunately, Denny Waxman is here to help!

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Creating a Macrobiotic Grocery List

The key to creating a macrobiotic grocery list is a meal plan. A meal plan is a list of the dishes you will prepare and cook each day for the next week or two weeks. That way you know exactly what food needs to be purchased. Find tips and macrobiotic meal plan example below to get started.

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Can Facial Diagnosis Provide Valuable Health Insights?

The face exhibits the health and condition of each organ and organ system. When a specific symptom appears on the face, it brings awareness of an underlying health issue. For this reason, facial diagnosis provides valuable health insights that can alert you to a potential health weaknesses and also be used to rebuild your health when combined with macrobiotic lifestyle and diet.

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9 Star Ki Interpretations: 2019

9 Star Ki (or 9 Ki) is a way of observing social phenomena from an energetic perspective based on Nature’s growing cycle. 9 Star Ki can be compared to Oriental Diagnosis both for individual movement and social patterns. There are 1 year individual cycles, and 9 year social cycles. The individual years generally begin on February 4th and end on February 3rd.

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5 Takeaways from the China Study

In 2005, The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and his son, Dr. Thomas Campbell became the highest selling health book –– with over a million copies sold. Even though the findings have been criticized, The China Study still presents five important takeaways about plant-based diet, nutrition, and chronic illness.

The Future of Modern Macrobiotics

It is clear that modern society does not prioritize health. When we begin macrobiotic practice, it takes effort to create an orderly, daily schedule and to carve out time for meals. However, over time, these health-supporting habits become second nature.

Physical Limitations and Health

Being on a macrobiotic diet and lifestyle improves movement, digestion, and flexibility. Quickly, making a difference on physical limitations, health issues and joint pain. Read on to learn how you can combat arthritis, how to avoid inflammatory foods and remedy physical limitations.

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Why are Macrobiotic Celebrities like Alicia Silverstone the Healthiest?

On the cover of every magazine is a celebrity with flawless skin, the perfect body, and very attractive. We wonder how they pull it off. How did they lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks or have glowing skin? We want it all too. So here is everything you need to know about three popular celebrity diets–– paleo, keto, and macrobiotics.

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Your New Go-To Macrobiotics Counselor in Los Angeles

Why Should You Choose Denny as Your Los Angeles Macrobiotic Counselor? Not only does Denny have forty-five years of macrobiotic counseling experience but his macrobiotic approach has been updated to fit into modern day life. On top of it, Denny’s philosophy is every healthy choice is beneficial.

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The Five Transformations and Moon Cycle Effects on Humans

In macrobiotics, health is constantly moving and changing. If we stay stagnant then we are moving towards illness instead of health. At SHI Macrobiotics, a macrobiotic institute, we teach students about the five transformations to help them be able to adjust to the changes of energy in the seasons, environment and balance yin yang. [...]

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Exploring the Benefits of the Kuzu Drink

Kuzu, also spelled “kudzu”, is a climbing vine native to the mountains of Asia and Pacific Islands. For centuries the kuzu root has been produced into a starch to be used for medicine and as a thickener in dishes. Today, the kuzu root starch has shown to have several health benefits from improving digestion [...]

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10 Health Benefits of Pickles and Fermented Foods

Pickling & Fermenting Process Basics The health benefits of pickles may be surprising to you if they're not already a part of your diet. But, there are also many other less traditional yet healthy options for pickled foods. Natural pickling and fermentation are the most unique, traditional forms of food preservation that enhances [...]

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