Peace for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

The most important thing in the world today is peace: inner peace, family peace, peace in our country, and peace in the world. The most productive way to use our energy is to come together, combine, and create change for personal, animal, and environmental health. Unfortunately, most people are doing the opposite-- blaming, complaining, [...]

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Conscious Choices for an Evolving Future

It doesn't matter if global warming is a natural cycle or due to human efforts or a combination. That's not the point. The point is that debating the issue is not going to help us move into a healthy, happy, prosperous future for ourselves and the planet. Earth is living and it doesn't make sense [...]

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Things You Didn’t Know About Autism

I am not a medical doctor, but this is my experience and observation as a macrobiotic counselor. I have practiced as a counselor for 45 years, which includes counseling for a broad range of health problems from severe brain injury to mild learning disorders. I have used the same approach applied in unique ways with [...]

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Wake Up the Mind with the Microbiome

On the healthy side, we need prebiotics and probiotics, which were a common feature of the world’s long standing civilizations. A strong immunity comes from an interaction with the natural environment and developing a sense of self-reliance. A sign of strong immunity is that we have a high enough percentage of beneficial microbes that naturally [...]

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Welcome the 1 Water Year

9 Ki is a way of observing social phenomena from an energetic perspective based on Nature’s growing cycle. Last year, I shared an interpretation for 2016 from a 9 Star Ki perspective, which you can read and compare here. This year, we are moving into a 1 White Water year. The 2 Black Soil year [...]

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Coming Soon 2017… Please Read, Engage, and Share!

I am excited to announce our latest project. We are in the process of creating a handbook to adapt macrobiotic practice for the busy-ness of the 21st century. We are using the seven steps of the Strengthening Health Approach to Macrobiotic Practice and applying them to four common lifestyles of people today. We will be [...]

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An Open Letter to President Donald Trump

An Open Letter to President Donald Trump By: Denny Waxman; Founder & President of the Strengthening Health Institute, Acclaimed Author, Wellness Educator, and Esteemed Health Counselor. Making America great again is more than strengthening the economy. America's true greatness stems from the people who inhabit this continent. Although prosperity and world leadership are important, it [...]

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Can We Make 2017 the Year of Uncommon and Unexpected Good?

Change often makes us uncomfortable. Maybe there is a bright side to the unexpected changes that we experienced in 2016. From my observation, there are three things that I believe people did not expect. The first two are global and the last within the global macrobiotic community. First, the British exit from the European Union, [...]

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Macrobiotic Coaches, Macrobiotic Counselors Part 2

In guiding people through macrobiotic practice, there is a big leap to go from offering guidance for the most common widespread problems to guiding those with cancer, advanced cardiovascular problems, HIV, Lyme disease, serious psychological, addiction or nervous system problems, and other immune issues. It is possible however, to learn how to guide people with [...]

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Farmer’s Markets and Fall Vegetable Picks

This list makes good points about just how beneficial farmer's markets and CSAs are for communities, local economies, and the environment. I would like to add a few more points, with some insight about farmer's markets and CSAs from a health perspective. The greatest benefit of visiting these markets is discovering when foods [...]

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Mindfulness Meditation & Macrobiotics Day: Back to Our Roots

On November 6th, at the International House in Philadelphia, Susan and I will be joining with Anh-Huong and Thu Nguyen to lead a day in the complementary practices of mindfulness meditation and macrobiotics. I believe this event is the first step in returning to some of the original guiding principles of macrobiotic practice. Macrobiotics was [...]

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To Mix or Not to Mix? On Mouthfuls

Recently, one of the daily health tips for the 365 Days of Health Twitter campaign stirred some interesting discussion. The health tip was: "It is crucial not to mix different foods in the same mouthful." For this entry, I am going to describe the reasons I make this recommendation and address the questions and points [...]

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Sharing Together, Eating Together

Eating together deepens nourishment and alignment. Eating together aligns and connects us with each other. Food is condensed environment, and also our source of internal energy. When we eat, we break foods down from their solid state to liquid to energy. In this process, food provides physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy. Grains, [...]

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