Macrobiotics in Florida and Transitioning to Spring

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This week we travelled to Jacksonville, Florida, at the invitation of Marlene Pendley. The group was international, four people from Venezuela and three from Bogota, Columbia. Susan taught two "international" cooking classes and I took these cultures into account in my lectures. It was a great success and very enjoyable. Two of the students had [...]

The Cycles of Nature Support Us

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Everyone can align with nature. The sun doesn't oversleep! It always gets up, always rises. The full moon is always there when it should be and spring always comes after winter. The only way the sun won't rise, I believe, is if our planet is out of orbit. Otherwise the sun will rise everyday. The [...]


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Hypoglycemic people thrive on pressure and tension, physically, emotionally and mentally. Relaxing this pressure is the key to overcoming it. Plenty of variety should be used in grains, without excessive use of pressure cooking or baking. Grains should be soaked and then boiled. Noodles, corn and cracked grain should be included often. Vegetable dishes should [...]

Health and Medicine

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We are approaching a crossroads in modern life. Science, medicine and technology are advancing rapidly. Despite claims in the media that we are leading a better way of life, it is easy to see that this is not true in many ways. I think that it is hard for most of us to say that [...]

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