The Cycles of Nature Support Us

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The Cycles of Nature Support Us

Everyone can align with nature. The sun doesn’t oversleep! It always gets up, always rises. The full moon is always there when it should be and spring always comes after winter. The only way the sun won’t rise, I believe, is if our planet is out of orbit. Otherwise the sun will rise everyday.

The stability of nature gives to everyone psychologically, if we are aware of the feeling that each day is new and fresh. Each day is an opportunity. Each day the sun will rise and each day it will set. Whatever we are doing, for good or for bad, comes to an end everyday, or at least to a pause or recess. In the morning we start again, refreshed and renewed. Or at least, we have the ability to do so.

These cycles start from the daily cycle and move out to larger and larger cycles in different aspects of our life. Then we have this ability to align with and be part of this order. This gives us the stability and the vitality to create our life, to create change or do what we want to do. I think we cannot overestimate how strong that power is. Unfortunately, many times we connect or align more with our individual family experience, which then blocks or interferes with our ability to really align with nature. Recently, excessive focus has been paid to our personal experiences. In other words, making them more significant, rather than looking at nature and then having our perspective changed.

The cycles of nature will support us if we let them!

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Denny Waxman is an internationally recognized teacher, counselor, and writer on health, natural healing and macrobiotics.

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  1. Jeffrey Reel November 5, 2010 at 5:31 am - Reply

    Great piece, with one suggestion. The sun doesn’t rise, and it is mentioned three times in the first paragraph as rising.

    We still look out upon the universe with 17th-century eyes. We see the sun as rising, and pass the myth along from generation to generation so that we still continue seeing it that way. It makes us Earth-centric, as if the Earth is the center of our Universe. Typically, I would say this is just a mere play on words but, from a macrobiotic perspective, it feels like we need to introduce the concept that the sun appears, and that it neither “rises” not “sets”.

    Just a thought.

    All the best.
    Jeffrey Reel

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