The basis of every meal should be a grain or grain product and at least one vegetable dish. After that your most important choice is soup every day. This can be any kind of soup. After that comes beans and sea vegetables, nuts and seeds, fruit and snacks, fish, beverages, etc. These all revolve around the grain and vegetable and soup. This is an opening spiral. We start with grains and grain products, then add vegetable dishes, then soups, and keep opening that up. There is no stopping point to this. Often I hear someone say “I can’t eat that.” Every time I hear this it kind of makes me uncomfortable. We can eat whatever we want! We should eat whatever we want. The question is, what do we want? And what makes our appetite? If you make your diet satisfying, you will start to want things that nourish you, that move you toward your goals, toward what your goals really are in life. Then the idea of not being able to eat something drops out. It is not part of your vocabulary or consciousness anymore. I always try to eat whatever I want, without exception. But for me the most satisfying foods are these.