When does life begin? When does life end? This is a very good question. Does life begin when you are a twinkle in your parents’ eyes? Does life begin at the point of conception? Does life begin at the moment of birth? When the cord is cut? When does it begin? Does life begin when you are weaned? No-one can really say. And in the same way, when are you dead? People have been brain dead and have come back to continue to live their life. We can’t separate opposites. Opposites complete each other to Oneness. However, we have grown up with an idea of good and bad. One or the other. Black and white. But this idea does not exist in nature because we can’t separate things in the same way. When we look at health and sickness, when are we really healthy? And when we are sick, when did that sickness begin? Everything moves in a wave-like movement. If we have a wave, then when we are at the top. we call that health. When we are at the bottom, we call that sickness. At what point does sickness really begin? Is it when you are at the top of the wave, at the midpoint, or at the bottom? We can’t say.

The next question is, is there ever health without sickness? Can yin exist without yang? They cannot. Is there such a thing as absolute, perfect health? I don’t think that there is. Health cannot exist without sickness. No one has everyday just the same perfect energy, perfect clarity, everything going smoothly as planned. I haven’t met that person yet!

No one has perfect sickness. There is nothing that is one-sided. Everything contains its opposite. We have come to think, health is good and sickness is bad, but they are always connected. There is a movement between health and sickness and between sickness and health. In macrobiotics we lean how to move from sickness to health, unhappiness to happiness and chaos to clarity. Trying to practice my Seven Steps will help you move towards health and happiness.