Hypoglycemic people thrive on pressure and tension, physically, emotionally and mentally. Relaxing this pressure is the key to overcoming it.

Plenty of variety should be used in grains, without excessive use of pressure cooking or baking. Grains should be soaked and then boiled. Noodles, corn and cracked grain should be included often. Vegetable dishes should be varied and not overcooked. This is important. Oil is needed, in order to move energy out to the surface from the center of the body. With this as with any imbalance, it regulated by eating three meals per day. With hypoglycemia, four or five meals may be needed until your blood sugar becomes more balanced. The volume of each meal can be adjusted according to appetite.

The opposite of pressure is nature. It is green, light and fresh. In cooking, therefore, it is best to include green and bright colors. Hypoglycemia is the mentality of making things happen, but not nice or wonderful things. What we need inside and out is sweetness, but not extreme sweetness. We need mild sweetness. This is one of the most important things. When you cook grains, they are mildly sweet. Sweet brown rice, carrots, onions, cabbage and squash are all mildly sweet. Pureed soups and pureed anything gets sweeter and creamier. If you cook squash, it is sweet. If you make squash soup, it is sweeter, more refreshing, more light.

Everything is an image. The feeling behind hypoglycemia must be understood. What makes this kind of pressure, this kind of emotional disorder? Then you mildly do the opposite. Greens are included, bright colors, freshness, brightness, mild sweetness, lightness.