What Your Eyes Say About Your Health

Do you know that eyes are a reflection of your overall health? Clear and bright eyes are related to kidney function and may instantly show a person’s overall health and vitality. Dull or mismatched eyes may show the weakening of physical and mental health, however.  

Eyesight is regulated by a healthy balance of our liver, spleen and pancreas and when these organs are functioning well, eyesight tends to be better. However, when a person’s diet negatively impacts these organs, they may be in danger of reducing their eyesight and vision. 

Actually, in Oriental medicine, the liver regulates the right eye and the spleen and pancreas regulate the left eye and the overall balance of both eyes. In essence, the liver really controls the entire right side of the body and fat metabolism and detoxification. The pancreas has digestive functions and regulates blood sugar and the spleen is the head of the lymph system. So, in order to keep these in balance each organ must be kept healthy.

Macrobiotic counseling can help. The best way to keep balance is to minimize or avoid animal or dairy foods, as well as highly processed foods and sweets. Macrobiotics incorporates a plant-based whole food diet with many leafy greens and orange or red colored vegetables and fruits. These are likely to provide enough vital nutrients to promote healthy eyes. So, macrobiotics helps with eye health by providing guidance on food choices and health practices that promote good vision and healthy eyesight.

One particularly valuable ingredient to use in your food preparation is toasted sesame seeds. They are anti-inflammatory and rich in a variety of nutrients and anti-oxidants. Remember, inflammation impacts all levels of health, including the eyes. Sesame seeds can be added as an enhancement to many dishes as well. Many people talk about flax seeds and hemp seeds and they seem to be getting more attention lately. But, when it comes to your health, sesame should be thought of as the king of the seeds!

Learning to use the body rub as a part of a macrobiotic practice can also improve eye sight. By gently rubbing the eyes both horizontally and vertically, you can help clear and sharpen your vision. The key is to place your fingers gently outside the eyelids, while closed, and rub in a vertical and horizontal direction. Remember to also cover the areas around, above and below your eyes. 

Additionally, exposing your eyes to natural light as much as possible can help eye performance. If you are forced to sit for long periods of time at a computer, phone, or television, it is very important to take small breaks as frequently as possible for at least a couple minutes at a time.

Your eyes need to see the sun and being exposed to natural light is very good for them. Many people have been groomed to wear sunglasses everyday in order to avoid cataracts, but over-using them can have a negative impact on your eyes as well as they need to see the full spectrum of light. Even using incandescent bulbs at home can make a huge difference rather than LED or fluorescent lighting.

What is Macrobiotics?

Macrobiotics is an approach to health and wellness that includes your body, mind, and spirit. The term Macrobiotics is about both physical health and mental stability.

Macrobiotic counselors are available for those who want help improving their lives by taking charge of their own health through nutritious lifestyle changes – they’re here to guide healthy living, and macrobiotic recipes are just the beginning.

You may not know this about Macrobiotics, but it’s a health philosophy advocating eating whole and natural foods. It can improve your health significantly with its vegetarian lifestyle, and you might be surprised at what you find out!

What are the benefits of a Macrobiotic Diet?

Macrobiotics helps with eye health by providing guidance on food choices that promote good vision and healthy eyesight – the macrobiotic diet can help improve your overall health, including eyesight!

Macrobiotics helps you understand how each aspect of life interacts with the others to promote wellness: food choices, exercise habits, emotional health, and more.

Macrobiotics considers your physical self as well as mental and spiritual beings; this holistic perspective encompasses diet (foods), exercise patterns (exercise), emotions/emotions control skills, and meditation practices.

What is Macrobiotic Counseling?

Macrobiotic counseling is a unique, holistic approach to health that encompasses the body, mind, and spirit – it’s about both your physical well-being as well as mental stability.

Macrobiotic counseling is a personalized program for health that focuses on natural, whole foods – it’s not about depriving yourself of eating only salads! Instead, there are various alternative recipes available on how you can improve your lifestyle wellness and overall well-being, which include all of the necessary vitamins and minerals you need daily.

5 Ways That Macrobiotics Can Change Your Life:

Healthier Weight and Shape

Following a vegan diet is low in saturated fat, which means they’re lower on cholesterol levels too. That being said, their reduced risk of obesity makes them much less prone to health conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

Higher Energy Levels

Many people notice an improvement in stamina when they start following a plant-based diet because they lack meat products that lead to sluggishness for some reason.

Fewer Health Problems

People who eat a plant-based diet are much less likely to suffer from food-borne illnesses because their immune systems become stronger, and they’re more able to fight off harmful germs. 

A Calmer Mood

Those who stick with the vegan lifestyle find that it helps them reduce stress, anxiety, and depression which is one of the most significant health issues Americans face today.

Longer Life Expectancy

Plant-based diets have been shown to prevent cancer cells in some people as well as slow down its progression for those already diagnosed.