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Denny Waxman is an internationally recognized teacher, counselor, and writer on health, natural healing and macrobiotics.

10 Secrets to Anti-Aging

By | 2017-09-10T06:01:50+00:00 March 14th, 2016|Adjusting Your Diet, Anti-aging|

lotus flower Everyone seems to be concerned about aging these days. People take special preparations and treatments to reverse the natural process of aging. Most of these treatments are based on hormonal and/or nutritional supplements, creams and injections, or surgery. Unfortunately, these treatments are only temporary and oftentimes these treatments backfire. What are [...]

The Secret of Healthy Sunbathing

By | 2017-09-10T06:01:55+00:00 July 3rd, 2015|Cancer, Environment|

classic sunbathing The sun is essential to all of life. I find it interesting that even the sun is now perceived as an enemy. Before the Industrial Revolution, people not a part of the upper class were naturally exposed to the sun throughout their lives. As a result of the Industrial Revolution, we [...]

Portugal and Nature’s Qi

By | 2017-09-10T06:01:55+00:00 June 26th, 2015|Events|

The view from my hotel room in Vimeiro I have just returned from a seminar in Portugal called "Awakening Qi" with my long time friends and associates, Bill Tara and Chico Varatojo. The seminar focused on how we use and work with qi in our daily life and professional healing practices. I came [...]

Why Do Some Vegans Fracture Their Hips?

By | 2017-09-10T06:01:55+00:00 June 13th, 2015|Adjusting Your Diet, Articles and Research, diet and health|

A calcium-rich plant-based meal using a variety of cooking techniques and ingredients. Photo by Susan Waxman It has been my observation that recently more and more vegans have been having bone problems including hip fractures and replacements. In the past, hip fractures were considered to be a sign of old age and impending [...]

To the Farmer’s Market

By | 2017-09-10T06:01:56+00:00 June 5th, 2015|Events|

I'd like to thank Ben Bergman of Greener Pastures and Stephen Waxman of Trax Cafe for having Susan and I at the Ambler Farmer's Market to talk about "The Complete Macrobiotic Diet." Farmer's markets provide many benefits for the health of individuals and communities. Farmer's markets help us to learn about and reconnect with food [...]

The Secret to Personal and Planetary Intelligence

By | 2017-09-10T06:01:56+00:00 May 31st, 2015|Environment|

Intelligence is defined as an ability to acquire and apply knowledge or skills. By that definition, I would say that macrobiotics is the most intelligent diet and lifestyle available today. As we practice, we develop a deeper connection to ourselves, nature, and all of life. We begin to experience how our actions affect the planet [...]

10 Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism

By | 2017-09-10T06:01:56+00:00 May 24th, 2015|Adjusting Your Diet|

We can regulate our metabolism through foods choices, mealtimes, and daily lifestyle practices. I define metabolism as the ability to digest and absorb the nutrients in food, and the ability to eliminate the excess. Excess takes the form of what we don't use as well as accumulated toxins. The key to a healthy metabolism is [...]

10 Naturally Refreshing and Healthy Foods and Beverages

By | 2017-09-10T06:01:56+00:00 May 15th, 2015|Uncategorized|

Traditional diets have a variety of foods and beverages that are naturally refreshing and healthy. Almost all healthy diets have a high moisture content from cooked grains and beans, vegetables, soups, fruits, and fermented foods. The modern diet with staples such as meat, poultry, eggs, cheese, and baked/fried foods, is a very dry diet that [...]

10 Benefits of Naturally Pickled and Fermented Foods

By | 2017-09-10T06:01:56+00:00 May 8th, 2015|diet and health, digestion, gut microbes, healthy eating, Macrobiotics and Medicine, plant-based diet|

Natural pickling and fermentation are the most unique, traditional forms of food preservation that enhances the quality of the foods. Fermentation is an external, predigestion process that converts complex nutrients to simpler ones. Common fermented foods and beverages include sourdough, vinegar, and wine. Pickling is a type of controlled fermentation using salt. Examples of pickled [...]

The Future of Modern Macrobiotics

By | 2017-09-10T06:01:56+00:00 May 1st, 2015|Adjusting Your Diet, diet and health, Eating habits, Environment, grains, healthy living, Macrobiotics, Macrobiotics and Medicine, Rice|

Kimberly, a nutritional therapy student in the UK, recently posted on her blog "The Little Plantation" about miso soup and her experience with macrobiotics. I wish to thank her for encouraging people to read "The Complete Macrobiotic Diet." I'd also like to compliment her for recognizing that our style of macrobiotic practice is an orderly [...]

How to Eat Your Sweets and Become Even Healthier

By | 2017-09-10T06:01:56+00:00 April 24th, 2015|diet and health, healthy eating, healthy living, Macrobiotic Diet, Macrobiotic Philosophy, Macrobiotics|

Sweet Vegetable Soup, photo by Susan Waxman Craving sweets is usually associated with emotional satisfaction. We often feel guilty indulging our taste for sweets. Craving sweets may not be such a bad thing. Sweet is the most important and healthiest taste, followed by salty and sour tastes, followed by bitter and pungent tastes. [...]

How To Become 100 Years Old

By | 2017-09-10T06:01:56+00:00 April 19th, 2015|Environment, healthy eating, healthy living, Macrobiotics and Medicine, plant-based diet|

A Rice Harvest at Blue Moon Acres in Pennington, New Jersey I recently viewed this talk by Dan Buettner on the Blue Zones. The Blue Zones are the places in the world with the highest concentrations of centenarians--the people who live to be 100 or beyond. He compiled research about their eating habits [...]

Do We Have Something in Common with Lorikeets?

By | 2017-09-10T06:01:56+00:00 April 12th, 2015|Articles and Research, diet and health, digestion, Eating habits, grains, gut microbes, Immune System, Plant based diet, plant-based diet|

Peaceful scene of balance I was recently surprised to read about the destruction of the natural life experienced by lorikeets when unnatural foods are introduced into their diets. Many are feeding lorikeets simple sugars from syrups, honeys, and jams to encourage them into their backyards. In turn, the regular diet of the lorikeets [...]

4 Preparations That Bring Out the Goodness of Food

By | 2017-09-10T06:01:56+00:00 April 5th, 2015|Adjusting Your Diet, diet and health, digestion, gut microbes, healthy eating, healthy living, Macrobiotic Philosophy, whole-foods|

Photo by Susan Waxman In a recent entry , I began to discuss the benefits of cooking food. Cooking is a lifetime study that makes humans unique. It is a practice we can enjoy and learn from everyday without end. Each method of cooking affects the color, taste, aroma, and textures of foods [...]