Nancy Wolfson-Moche – Nourishment educator, counselor, and blogger

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Prior to getting married I sought help from Denny for a few different conditions that were completely resolved after following his recommendations.  When I got married at 42, I began trying to conceive.  After several months, and after learning I was not eligible for any hi-tech fertility treatments due to my elevated FSH level, I [...]

John and Toini Williams – Senior Maintenance Repair

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Our journey into macrobiotics started as a chance encounter in a small health foods store in 1982. I happened to overhear someone talking about a brown rice fast they had been on and how it had increased his focus and energy.  Having experimented with various fasts, I was curious, and upon inquiry was handed the book [...]

Susan Heineman on behalf of Steve Gittelman – Financial Education and Tai Chi Instructor

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Steve was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at age 57. For years his diet consisted of steak sandwiches, pizza, pasta, bagels, cheerios, bananas, ice cream and donuts. After the diagnosis, he agreed to change his diet. We chose macrobiotics instead of anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, or any other medicines usually prescribed for Steve’s condition. We decided to explore the [...]

Tanya Bojanic

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I discovered macrobiotics about 25 years ago. It was out of curiosity, not because of an illness. Since then, I have always practiced; it keeps me healthy, fit, and looking young. I raised my three children flexibly and macrobiotically. 10 years ago, we moved away from New England and somehow lost touch with other macrobiotic [...]

Barbara Lynn – Retired RN

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I went to Denny originally in the 1990s to work with allergies.  At that time I was working in a hospital and taking a daily medicine so I wouldn’t sniffle and sneeze when I was with patients.  I took medication everyday for 20 years.  I had worked with an MD allergist, who gave me environmental [...]

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