Nancy Wolfos-ColorPrior to getting married I sought help from Denny for a few different conditions that were completely resolved after following his recommendations.  When I got married at 42, I began trying to conceive.  After several months, and after learning I was not eligible for any hi-tech fertility treatments due to my elevated FSH level, I went to see Denny. I worked closely with him and over the course of a year my FSH dropped by 25 points. Soon after that I became pregnant at age 44.  Denny guided me through a healthy pregnancy and I worked closely with him during the first few years of my daughter’s life. He was always responsive, open and highly professional. Over the following five years we worked closely to tweak and fine-tune my diet and lifestyle. With Denny’s guidance and support, I was able to have a second baby at the age of 51.
Denny is a brilliant, generous, patient and wise counselor, teacher and thinker.