Fran Verma

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I have a wonderful story. In June 2013, I was told I had a large septated cyst on my left ovary. In addition, my left fallopian tube was swollen, very painful, and causing fevers. My CA-125 levels were elevated and the cyst had enlarged to nine cm in just four months. My doctor suggested the [...]

Sigrid Geerlings – Architect

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“X-files”             I think I might be the medical version of an X-file, which rather thrills me. I was a pretty big fan of the fictional TV series. FBI cases concerning unexplained phenomena, filed away and forgotten, were solved when Mulder appeared on the scene with a passion to uncover the truth. The truth, though, [...]

John and Toini Williams – Senior Maintenance Repair

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Our journey into macrobiotics started as a chance encounter in a small health foods store in 1982. I happened to overhear someone talking about a brown rice fast they had been on and how it had increased his focus and energy.  Having experimented with various fasts, I was curious, and upon inquiry was handed the book [...]

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