Stanka Mrdja

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My health has improved thanks to macrobiotics, and additional treatments including acupuncture and bioenergy healing. All of these greatly influenced the improvement of my health. Laboratorytests showed significant improvement in the function of my remaining kidney. Thank you very much for your help. With best regards,

I. Jung

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I don’t know what to say, except that you are amazing. It has taken me years to tell you that, simply because I am so astonished by your capabilities, that any expression of thanks seems inadequate. I am still following your food recommendations and find it incredible to see the vast amount of granulation and [...]

Sally Adorno Craig – Account Manager

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My ex-husband was given a week to live if he didn’t start chemo the very day we found out that he had an aggressive cancer already in stage IV. Needless to say, of course he did. When a friend of mine found out, she introduced me to macrobiotics. Using macrobiotics and the will of God, [...]


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The testimonial I have is for my father.  He is currently 97 and residing in a skilled nursing facility. As you may recall, I had read Dr. Satillaro’s book and suggested we visit you many years ago for my mother’s condition.  She lived longer than expected, thanks to your recommendations and my father’s commitment to [...]

Terry Holt

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I was already eating relatively well when I crossed paths with the first practicing macrobiotic person I had ever met. In addition to her clear-eyed, natural beauty, I was taken with her grounded sensibility and centeredness as she described the benefits she has reaped from living macrobiotically. Following my new friend’s advice, I promptly scheduled [...]

Barbara Hewitt

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I want to tell you how thrilled that I am with "The Great Life Diet." The book has finally synthesized and simplified macrobiotics for me.I went through the levels at Kushi, went to many workshops, cooking classes and have many books. And now, thanks to youand the simplicity of your book,I can now live “The [...]

Tanya Bojanic

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I discovered macrobiotics about 25 years ago. It was out of curiosity, not because of an illness. Since then, I have always practiced; it keeps me healthy, fit, and looking young. I raised my three children flexibly and macrobiotically. 10 years ago, we moved away from New England and somehow lost touch with other macrobiotic [...]

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