I discovered macrobiotics about 25 years ago. It was out of curiosity, not because of an illness. Since then, I have always practiced; it keeps me healthy, fit, and looking young. I raised my three children flexibly and macrobiotically.

10 years ago, we moved away from New England and somehow lost touch with other macrobiotic friends and stopped going to conferences and seminars. That lack of support, as well as working a lot, could be why I have gradually become very yang (in my case tight and restricted). I started having skin allergies every year in late spring. It didn’t bother me much until I had an anaphylactic attack. Someone said, “Nature will always send us warnings first.” I figured that was enough warning and was also a time to admit that I couldn’t solve everything by myself, so I decided to seek help.

I got medical help with a fair share of doses of corticosteroids, tests, and antibiotics only to have my reaction return worse each time. I chose Denny Waxman because being familiar with the macrobiotic community and even personally knowing many counselors, we knew that his approach was the best.              I followed Denny’s advice and it has helped me get rid of skin allergies and inflammations. It has not been as easy as it sounds: get advice,follow it and get better. But Denny was always there for me along the way. I could contact him any time by phone or e-mail, and he would respond promptly to my many questions. However I didn’t want to be that person that calls non-stop,so as much as I could I also found the answers in his book or the materials he gave me.

If you are considering counseling services with Denny Waxman, I would highly recommend it.My advice would be to prepare beforehand as many questions as you can, and to write them down, because otherwise there will always be something you forgot to ask.