Barbara LynnI went to Denny originally in the 1990s to work with allergies.  At that time I was working in a hospital and taking a daily medicine so I wouldn’t sniffle and sneeze when I was with patients.  I took medication everyday for 20 years.  I had worked with an MD allergist, who gave me environmental suggestions, which helped, but they didn’t cure the allergies and I was still on a daily medication.   Denny suggested I stop dairy, and within a few months I was allergy free, dairy free and medication free.  Wow.

I lived happily without allergies, and then moved from Hawaii to Massachusetts.  The change of seasons, which I had not experienced for 46 years, helps the body discharge.   In Spring 2013 I had an asthma attack and the inhaler didn’t help very much.  So…back to Denny.    I followed his instructions and gradually felt much better.  Now a year later I am in the Master Your Health class and learned exactly what to do for impending attacks.  The attacks do not materialize with the remedies I learned in MYH.  It feels miraculous.  Thank you, Denny!