Remembering Aveline Kushi

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I first met Aveline in 1969 when she accompanied Michio to Philadelphia for a lecture. It was a great joy for me to read Ed's article about Aveline and it brought up many memories for me. As Ed says in his blog post, Aveline was among the greatest of women. Her wisdom, grace and adventurous [...]

Bonsai Dreams

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From Phiya Kushi's Blog: Musings on life and macrobiotics Below are a list of ideas that have come to me and have remained undeveloped until now. They will be removed when it is discovered that either someone has already done it or it deserves to be in the dustbin and forgotten. 1. Supermarkets With [...]

Alejandro Aguilera – Controlling HIV with Macrobiotics

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“I am HIV positive. Macrobiotics chose me to follow its Path and not the other way around. I was diagnosed in May 2006, two days after my birthday. I was devastated. Fortunately macrobiotics found me, and I have never had to take anti-retroviral medications.” – Alejandro Aguilera Alejandro’s HIV symptoms began while on a [...]

Phiya Kushi

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Everyone has a unique life and mine happens to involve macrobiotics. Phiya Kushi has spent his entire working life involved in macrobiotic endeavors ranging from food businesses, restaurants, bookstores, educational organizations and teaching and counseling. He owes this unique life path to his parents, Michio and Aveline Kushi, whose mission in life has been to [...]

Therapist prescribes music to soothe the senses

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In the world of occupational therapy, prescriptive music for sound therapy is considered a medically reputable and viable treatment for some neurological disorders. Now with so many mainstream occupational therapy clinics prescribing sound therapy, it is no longer considered an alternative form of treatment. However, it has yet to become widely accepted across other areas [...]

What is Macrobiotics?

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“Macrobiotics” comes from makro bios, the Greek words for “Long Life” or “Great Life.” Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, coined the term, and in the modern era it has been developed by Michio Kushi and other educators in Japan, America, Europe, and around the world. By creating our bodies and minds from natural foods in [...]

Macrobiotics, A Re-definition

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What is the definition of Macrobiotics? Macrobiotics is not a diet. Macrobiotics is an orderly approach to diet and lifestyle. Through principles of harmony, balance and change we continually learn how to make healthier choices in our eating habits, diet, activity and lifestyle. Macrobiotics is also based on the understanding that spiritual health, the [...]

Making Balance with Society

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Many aspects of life are speeding up and getting more intense. We can see this reflected in television shows which move faster than their early counterparts, in the weather, which doesn’t correspond to seasons as it once did; in technology which constantly outdates itself. Society has become more pressured, crowded and contracted in every way. [...]

Final Discounted Intensive of the Year!

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Wednesday, August 27th, 5:30 PM- Sunday August 31st, 2:00 PM Dear Macrobiotic Community, If you have been considering participating in the SHI Intensive, now is the time to take action. Sign up with a friend and ³Buy one, get one 1/2 off²--That is $581.25 each! Or register individually, for the bargain price of $775. Don¹t [...]

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