Sharing the good news of Macrobiotics!

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Susan and I just returned from a trip to San Diego and Seattle. It was my first time in both cities. People have told me that San Diego has a similar relationship to LA as Philadelphia to New York.  I was totally able to relate to this analogy, well except for the beaches and weather [...]

Pertinent Info about your Health and Breast Cancer

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In my last post, I was trying to help others understand about Macrobiotics and disease.  The recent news of Angelina Jolie’s preventive double mastectomy concerned me because women look to her and could repeat this procedure.  I hope that someday everyone can understand that there is another way to prevent disease, especially breast cancer.  I [...]

Upcoming Trips! San Diego & Seattle

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Susan and I will be visiting San Diego and Seattle next week to spread the word on our unique approach to macrobiotics. In teaching about the openness of macrobiotics, we are giving people the best tools to use to maintain healthy bodies and emotions. I’m also very excited to visit two of my daughters who [...]

Dead Food

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I just watched an alarming video about a hamburger that is older than some people’s pets.  It hasn’t changed shape, grown mold, or even rotted after ten years.  This is just an example of how our modern food industry doesn’t prepare food because change should be a property of food.  Age can enhance the [...]

Metabolism Basics

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This article in the Huffington Post struck my interest.  The time is now for macrobiotics because as this articles explains, people are exposed to obesity for longer periods of time. Simply stated, westerners are becoming fatter, earlier in life. My definition of metabolism is the ability to digest food, absorb nutrients, and eliminate waste.  Two factors [...]

Creating Order Out of Chaos

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After Superstorm Sandy has slammed the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, it is hard to imagine that nature alone is responsible. Even if you deny that there is global warming and that we are at least part of the cause, it is hard to miss the fact that the severity of storms and earthquakes is steadily [...]

Achieve a Healthy Body Weight Naturally!

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I just finished reading this blog on metabolism and it brought a number of things to mind for me. I have heard many people’s stories about exercising on a regular basis and loosing little to no weight. I have also heard stories about personal trainers who could not loose the bulge in their [...]

Helen Stevenson Memorial

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Helen Stevenson was a dear friend for many years. She passed on July 16 and she is missed already. Helen had a gentle smile and a wacky sense of humor. She also had a sharp tongue when needed and an ability to just shrug things off after. We became friends when we sat next to [...]

Remembering Aveline Kushi

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I first met Aveline in 1969 when she accompanied Michio to Philadelphia for a lecture. It was a great joy for me to read Ed's article about Aveline and it brought up many memories for me. As Ed says in his blog post, Aveline was among the greatest of women. Her wisdom, grace and adventurous [...]

Bonsai Dreams

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From Phiya Kushi's Blog: Musings on life and macrobiotics Below are a list of ideas that have come to me and have remained undeveloped until now. They will be removed when it is discovered that either someone has already done it or it deserves to be in the dustbin and forgotten. 1. Supermarkets With [...]

Alejandro Aguilera – Controlling HIV with Macrobiotics

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“I am HIV positive. Macrobiotics chose me to follow its Path and not the other way around. I was diagnosed in May 2006, two days after my birthday. I was devastated. Fortunately macrobiotics found me, and I have never had to take anti-retroviral medications.” – Alejandro Aguilera Alejandro’s HIV symptoms began while on a [...]

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