It is less and less common now to have undernutrition. Although overeating is damaging, some people think that the more simply they eat, the better their health will be. But simple is only good for a certain length of time. If we eat too simply and don’t take any oil, flour, fish and desserts for long enough, hardness is created. Our nutrition becomes inbalanced.

The proper amount of food can only be identified when we are seated. We don’t have normal sensation when our stomachs are elongated. We only have it when our stomachs are bent. Everyone has a point where they feel full but not stuffed. If you’ve had enough food, you feel satisfied, If you go beyond that point, you can eat endlessly. However, in order to find this point, we have to slow down and take time for a meal, sitting quietly and being with our food. This does not mean no dinner conversation but rather not eating in front of the television or while reading. When we are with our food and get to that point, we stop eating and do not overeat. It takes time to find this point because often times our digestive system has expanded from our past behavior.

Healthy digestion and cholesterol levels; freedom from weight problems and heart disease and numerous other ailments begin with proper nutrition. Proper nutrition begins with sitting down to receive nourishment, without doing other things, at lunch and dinner and for many people, breakfast. This gets us in touch with what we need. With this simple and practical tool, in the spirit of Strengthening Health Macrobiotics, we can realign ourselves with nature, helping ourselves and our world to age naturally.