I’d like to thank Ben Bergman of Greener Pastures and Stephen Waxman of Trax Cafe for having Susan and I at the Ambler Farmer’s Market to talk about “The Complete Macrobiotic Diet.”

Farmer’s markets provide many benefits for the health of individuals and communities. Farmer’s markets help us to learn about and reconnect with food and nature. Philadelphia has a strong network of farmer’s markets throughout the week. No matter the day, people can connect with the local food scene as well as enjoy the health benefits of eating locally and seasonally.

Some benefits of shopping at Farmer’s Markets
-Buying food at farmer’s markets encourages us to go home and cook.
-We become more practical and creative with our cooking.
-We discover foods we are naturally drawn to as well new foods we may have never encountered.
-The density and uniqueness of flavors as well as the depth of color of produce from farmer’s markets is far beyond the range of flavors offered by conventional produce.
-We reawaken to the seasonality of certain foods. This allows us to fully enjoy and appreciate foods as they become available.
-They allow us to find our natural sense of taste for foods.
-We receive practical education about the variety of available foods from a particular season and region.
-They are healthy social gathering places.
– Going to the market is an event to look forward to as a new ritual.
-We connect with the people who grow our food.

The proliferation of farmer’s markets is an indicator of people’s desire to reconnect with nature and health. To me, it is a sign that people are curious, excited, and motivated with building an economy that is based on health. And I am pretty sure that once you start visiting your local farmer’s market, it will be hard to stay away.