Meg FerrignoI came to macrobiotics as someone who is simply grateful for health! My best friend who was also a vegetarian, yoga & mindfulness practitioner was diagnosed with cancer six years ago and I decided that in order to prevent such illness I would adopt macrobiotics into my way of life. I had already been vegan since I was a teenager and always appreciated local organic foods, but I had a lot of deeper learning to do regarding the energetics of food. I was so happy to find that one of our world’s leading macrobiotic teachers was right in Philly! And very grateful that they offered work trade and a much wider approach to the lifestyle that I had become involved with only through old books. Through the Comprehensive Certificate Program (now called the Mastering Your Health Program—“MYH”),  I learned about myself, my food and gained that deeper understanding of food energetics. Philly is lucky to have SHI and hopefully the wisdom of the macrobiotic practices will become more accessible and popular through Susan & Denny’s programs.