Sally CraigMy ex-husband was given a week to live if he didn’t start chemo the very day we found out that he had an aggressive cancer already in stage IV. Needless to say, of course he did. When a friend of mine found out, she introduced me to macrobiotics. Using macrobiotics and the will of God, Denny helped my ex-husband recover from what was a very scary time in our lives. It is our belief that had it not been for Denny’s guidance and recommendations, 16 years later, my ex would not still be around today.

During my ex’s journey to recovery I, too, was counseled by Denny. I needed to find out how I should eat to create balance. When my ex and I broke up, in spite of never having felt better in my life, I let my macrobiotic practice go.I didn’t go back to my previous way of eating, but I went back and forth between being vegan and vegetarian, yet with no order to anything I was doing.

10 years later, I found myself literally falling apart, head to toe. I had Achilles Tendonitis that would not go away. My knee felt like it was going to give when going down steps and I had to hold on.My hip was feeling uncomfortably arthritic, and my fingers were stiff. I had bad breath that would not go away. My hair was falling out on a daily basis, making me feel like I would one day be an elderly lady with very little hair. To top it off, at five feet tall I was weighed 157 pounds, and nothing I did would make it come off. One day I decided that it was time to start over.

I called Denny and told him I needed help. He suggested I take the Intensive to jump start my program and refresh. He told me I came back at a good time. My first macrobiotic meal at the Strengthening Health Institute made me feel like I was home. Three days into the intensive, I got up in the morning and for the first time in months, was able to walk without pain! My Achilles Tendonitis was gone and has never returned!

I finished the Intensive and I was hungry for more. In 20 days, I lost 23 pounds! By the time I had three months under my belt, I was 118 pounds my hair had stopped falling out, my hip and knees were fine and my breath was better. I was literally transformed into a new person! So, I signed up for the CCP.                           The CCP was informative, energizing and life changing. Being with others, focusing on topics and eating the food and experiencing the energy, is not anything you can get from books. I drove eight hours each way to attend the classes once per month.

My cooking has improved tremendously. When I started, I said, if I could cook half as well as Susan, I would be happy. I recently cooked for my sisters-in-law and while I do not consider my cooking half as good as Susan’s yet (but I’m not critical of it… it’s good), my sisters-in-law found the food amazing and felt about my cooking as I feel about Susan’s! Wow. I owe it all to Susan and SHI!          Upon graduating SHI I was hungry for more! So, I signed up for another year at the program. I still have a hectic schedule and I still don’t have much support, but I know I will never go back to my old ways. My practice is far from perfect, but when I am ‘off’ I am able to get back on track by myself. I owe that to SHI!

Practicing macrobiotics makes me feel calm, happy, in control, grateful and appreciative. It has also brought me closer to my Higher Power! Studying macrobiotics at SHI is a life-altering experience. It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself!