Terry HoltI was already eating relatively well when I crossed paths with the first practicing macrobiotic person I had ever met. In addition to her clear-eyed, natural beauty, I was taken with her grounded sensibility and centeredness as she described the benefits she has reaped from living macrobiotically.

Following my new friend’s advice, I promptly scheduled a consultation with Denny in NYC in August 2010. That experience convinced me to try out the November SHI weekend, which in turn sold me on the yearlong CCP program.

The whole experience has been life-altering. I’ve never felt healthier or more at ease. With Susan’s guidance I’m on my way to being an accomplished cook. Acquaintances who know nothing of my macro practice routinely compliment me on my looks and on my outlook. To anyone who wants to be an active participant in their own longterm health, I’d recommend the CCP program.  In addition to volumes of practical knowledge, it’s just plain fun. I’ve made lifelong friends there, and a once-a-month Philadelphia vacation where you get to consume a variety of delicious macrobiotic food that someone else cooks is not hard to take.