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Toronto, Canada’s biggest city, is considered an economically powerful city because of the high concentration of private IT companies. Therefore, it is easy to forget to take care of yourself while hard at work. That is why it is so important to find a macrobiotic counselor you can talk to in the comfort of your own home. Well, your in luck! Denny Waxman, a Toronto macrobiotic counselor, is here to help. Denny is able to meet with you over FaceTime or Skype. During a session with him, you can discuss your health problems, receive advice on how to feel better, and plan out health goals.

To learn how to incorporate macrobiotics into your life, schedule time with Denny now!

Why Should I Choose Denny as My Toronto Macrobiotic Counselor?

Clients choose Denny because of his forty-five years of experience in helping people feel better and his open and positive approach to healthy eating and lifestyle. Instead of the feeling of anxiety and stress to change all habits at once, this approach takes away the pressure by allowing you to build healthy habits when ready. It is never an all or nothing. Denny’s philosophy is every healthy choice is beneficial. 

Why Should I Choose Macrobiotic Diet and Lifestyle?

Macrobiotics is a plant-based lifestyle that draws from world traditional civilizations. These traditional diets and lifestyles proven to promote health, vitality, and longevity. Eating a variety of plant-based foods is nourishing and deeply satisfying.

Here are two reasons to choose macrobiotic diet and lifestyle:

  1. Macrobiotics is not just a diet but a lifestyle. To have long lasting, a healthy lifestyle is just as important as diet. Therefore, macrobiotics practices taking time to eat, making an eating schedule, eating without distractions, and taking daily walks. In a city like Toronto and modern life, our daily tasks and work can trigger us to eat unhealthy and not having a healthy or balanced lifestyle. However, adding one healthy practice can help you feel calmer, less stressed, and do better at work. It is important to take care of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually.
  2. Macrobiotics is focused on creating long-term health. For this reason, restricting yourself, only leads to negativity and eventually giving up. Pushing you back to your old habits and foods that make you feel poorly. This is not good. Instead, Denny’s approach is wanting you to feel comfortable and positive about adding healthy choices and sticking with it. It is always worth it even if you just add one healthy choice per day or week.

Keep in mind, there are misconceptions about macrobiotics. This includes unable to eat at restaurants and only Japanese cuisines. These misconceptions are not true. You are still able to go and enjoy restaurants. It is easiest to choose one that has vegetables and grains on the menu. And macrobiotics is a multi-cultural fusion of the unique health-supporting traditions and cuisines from around the world. Other macrobiotic cuisines include any type of Asian, Middle Eastern, North-African, Mediterranean, and other parts of Europe.

How to Setup a Macrobiotic Counseling Appointment

  • Call 215-271-1858 to schedule an hour long macrobiotic consultation with Denny Waxman (Contact)
  • Next fill out the health assessment online which will include a health history (birth place and date), present concerns, or any other questions you may have.
  • Along with that you will need to send a recent headshot. A headshot is important for Denny to see your face. The face gives insight into your health and be able to give his recommendations.
  • Setup in a place with good wifi that you can FaceTime or Skype

What to Expect in Your First Session for Macrobiotic Counseling

The first session is focused on creating a clear plan for you, the client, about how to change your health and lifestyle to start feeling better. Remember, this macrobiotic counseling is one-on-one which means the recommendations made by Denny are unique and personalized to meet your health concerns or needs. The discussion with Denny will involve going over what not to do, lifestyle problems and causes, prioritize what you need to do, and discuss home remedies. 

Some find one macrobiotic counseling session gets them back on track while other may want to schedule follow up sessions. So it is up to you and what you need to start creating long lasting health.

Why Should I Make an Appointment with Denny Waxman?

Top 3 Health Problems that Clients Seek Denny’s Advise

  • Cancer
  • Weight Problems/High Blood Pressure
  • Infertility

Other common problems people meet with Denny include diabetes, cardiovascular issues, allergies, Lyme disease, physical limitations, sleep problems, anxiety, eating disorders, and hypoglycemia. Keep in mind you DO NOT have to have a medical problem to see Denny Waxman. If you simple are looking to be healthier or maintain your health feel free to also schedule an appointment. (Here are the testimonials of recent clients.) Make an appoint with Denny, a Toronto macrobiotic counselor, today!

Other resources for you include SHI Macrobiotics. This is a non-profit macrobiotic education that is run by Denny and his wife, Susan. If you want to learn, you can take their macrobiotic online courses. These courses focus on macrobiotic diet, philosophy, meal prep, and cooking demonstrations. Again, you can take these online courses anytime and watch right in your home.

For more interesting articles about nutrition, macrobiotics, and living a healthy lifestyle, please visit Denny’s macrobiotic blog.