It used to be that stiffness and inflexibility was a sign of old age. Sadly, that is not the case anymore. Today, physical limitations are becoming common problems not just for the elderly but children and younger adults as well. According to, more than 50 million adults and 300,000 children have some type of arthritis. The great news is when you change eating habits and lifestyle, you can reverse physical limitations and find joint pain relief.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a broad term for joint pain as the cause of arthritis varies from overuse to autoimmune disease. The common symptoms of arthritis include stiffness, swelling, pain, and problems with range of motion at the joints––knees, fingers, hips, neck, hands, and etc. When you have arthritis and joint pain, movement can become difficult. Physical limitations for those with arthritis include struggle to do daily tasks, walk, bend over, grab objects or climb stairs.

Here are common types of arthritis:

  • Osteoarthritis – most common type as it is caused by joints being overworked
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – autoimmune disease that attacks the joints
  • Psoriatic Arthritis – starts as a skin disease then can lead to joint pain
  • Gout – build up of uric acid crystals in the joints
  • Lupus – autoimmune disease that causes pain in the joints, organs, and brain

Cause of Physical Limitations and Arthritis

Modern diet lacks nutritional value, has refined salt and sugar, and highly acidic. Making it tough on the kidneys and intestines to naturally eliminate harmful toxins, neutralize excess acidity, and produce vital nutrients to the body. When this happens, intestines and kidneys become weak and the excess acidity moves to the joints to be neutralized. However, as you continue eating highly acidic foods, the acidity starts to build up in the joints causing inflammation and deterioration and eventually arthritis and physical limitations. Remember, joint health is directly related to our diet, lifestyle, and gut health.  (Learn more on large intestine health and balancing acid and alkaline diet)

Arthritis Foods to Avoid

  • Avoid poultry, shellfish, tuna fish, cheese, eggs, processed dry and baked foods, ice cream, iced drinks and butter. These foods cause inflammation and pain especially those with osteoarthritis.
  • Other types of arthritis are caused by dairy, sweets, and fruits.
  • Many find arthritis becomes worse after eating nightshade vegetables like white potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, or bell peppers.

Remedies for Physical Limitations and Arthritis

  • Body rub – Gently rub your entire body with a hot, damp cotton washcloth for ten to fifteen minutes at night or in the morning to activate circulation and deeply clean the skin. Do the body rub before or after your bath or shower.
  • Topically bruised cabbage – Take whiter leaves of cabbage and gently go over with rolling pin. Then place on joints to reduce arthritis inflammation and alleviate pain. Found to be  better than ice for joint pain.
  • Take a walk everyday – important for joggers who have knee joint pain.
  • Do Yoga – to increase flexibility and movement

Arthritis Diet Foods to Eat

  • Eat a plant-based diet of whole grains, beans, vegetables, souos, nuts, and seeds and naturally pickled and fermented foods. These foods are alkalizing instead of acidic. And have fiber and nutrients to nourish the body, improve gut health and reduce joint pain.  
  • Kuzu drink helps with digestion as well as neutralizes acidity. (Recipe)

What Can Macrobiotics Do For Those Dealing with Physical Limitations?

Being on a macrobiotic diet and lifestyle improves movement, digestion, and flexibility. Quickly, making a difference on your health and joint pain. On top of it, when you find joint pain relief, you feel better emotionally as well. Dealing with physical limitations is tough as you feel restricted in what you can do. So getting back that independence and physical ability, leaves you feeling inspired and ready to go.

Are you dealing with arthritis and physical limitations? Then set up a macrobiotic consultation in-person, Skype, or Facetime with Denny Waxman, macrobiotic counselor. Problems with arthritis and joint pain are one of the most common reasons people reach out and make appointments. Make an appointment and feel better today!