Denny Waxman offers macrobiotic health counseling to individuals worldwide. Counseling can be held in the comfort of your own home via Zoom. In-Person counseling sessions are scheduled on a case-by-case basis.

Macrobiotic Consultation FAQs

Who typically comes to a macrobiotic counseling session?

My clients set up a macrobiotic consultation with me for various health reasons. Common counseling sessions address: cancer, strengthening natural immunity, infertility, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, allergies, Lyme’s disease, sleep problems, anxiety, eating disorders, hypoglycemia, and last but not least, the maintenance of lasting health and longevity.

What is macrobiotic counseling?

During a one-hour macrobiotic consultation with me, you will receive dietary and lifestyle recommendations, and recipes for home remedies. The recommendations will be individualized to your specific concerns and needs. Recommendations will also be based on your health history, present concerns, my assessment of your face and voice, along with your place of residence.

What can I expect at a macrobiotic counseling session?

Before the appointment, a brief health assessment form is sent to you for you to describe your health history (including birthplace and date), present concerns, or any other questions you may have. A headshot of yourself must submitted to me prior to your appointment. Within one hour, you will receive a personalized health improvement plan. You will also receive a “7 Steps” booklet containing a detailed food list, recipes and remedies that will serve as your guide. After the consultation, you will receive a recording, a digital counseling booklet, and notes for the remedies recommended. Additionally, you will have access to two months of phone support, as well as weekly admission to a zoom macrobiotic support group.

How often should I do macrobiotic counseling?

Some people come once to receive help in establishing a clear direction for their health. Most people come for ongoing guidance and support 3-5 times throughout the year(s). Others are more comfortable with further guidance and visit 4-6 times throughout the year(s) depending on their needs.

How is a macrobiotics consultation with Denny different from a visit to my medical doctor?

I am not a medical doctor, therefore I do not provide allopathic medical recommendations, testing or treatment. In addition to your counseling session, I recommend you consult your medical doctor. My goal is to provide you with dietary and lifestyle guidance based on my fifty years experience helping people create lasting health.

How do I schedule a macrobiotic consultation?

Counseling appointments as well as fees can be obtained by calling my office at 215.271.1858.

How can I prepare for a counseling session?

Before an appointment, I recommend that you read and familiarize yourself with, “The Ultimate Guide to Eating for Longevity.”

Do I have to follow the recommendations completely to derive benefits?

Health is a direction, not a fixed state. It is not about being perfect or doing everything at once. You derive benefit from creating habits that support your diet and lifestyle overtime. I will guide you in creating health-supporting habits at your own pace.

Do I have to give up all of the foods that I love?

Following my approach, you derive far more benefit from what you add than from what you take away. You’re replacing unhealthy dietary and lifestyle practices with healthy ones overtime. So, you can let go of your old foods when you are ready.

Can I eat out at restaurants?

You can certainly enjoy eating at restaurants where you can order meals based on grains and vegetables. The easiest places to eat out are Italian, Middle Eastern, Indian and Mexican. More and more of these restaurants are catering to vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and can provide bean and grain-based meals. 

Is there additional education or support available?

Visit the website for The Strengthening Health Institute HERE to receive updates on various courses, webinars, and conferences that are available to aid you with your macrobiotic practice. Our latest book, “The Ultimate Guide to Eating for Longevity” offers updated material along with recipes from my wife, Susan Waxman. Our cooking classes offer clear instruction on how to prepare these meals along with generous tastings at the end of each session.

Cancellation Policy

My ability to help people is based on mutual respect. Out of respect for my professional time and that of my clients I ask that you please honor your scheduled appointment time. If you absolutely must cancel or reschedule your appointment I ask that you do so at least four days in advance. If you must reschedule an appointment I will do my best to accommodate you. If you do not show up for a scheduled consultation or cancel within the two-day window you will be billed the cost of the session. I ask that you please respect this policy in order to maintain our positive professional relationship.

Where can I find the food and other items recommended during my macrobiotic consultation?

Your personal health recommendations may include eating certain foods or using selected types of cookware or other items that sound unfamiliar. Start by going to your local health food store to see what is in stock or what the store may be willing to special order for you. Denny will send you his macrobiotic resource list for speciality items. This list includes a variety of places that carry macrobiotic food and supplies, as well as educational programs, newsletters and recipes.