Did He or Didn’t He? Steve Jobs and Macrobiotics

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In a recent 60 Minutes interview, Walter Isaacson claimed that Steve Jobs tried to heal himself through alternative healing practices, including "various ways of doing it macrobiotically.” As a macrobiotic teacher and counselor for 40 years, I was disturbed by the light in which macrobiotics was presented in this segment. Furthermore, it does not [...]

What is Macrobiotics?

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“Macrobiotics” comes from makro bios, the Greek words for “Long Life” or “Great Life.” Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, coined the term, and in the modern era it has been developed by Michio Kushi and other educators in Japan, America, Europe, and around the world. By creating our bodies and minds from natural foods in [...]

Macrobiotics is getting more macro

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The macrobiotic diet is back -- again. It may not be a health panacea, but it's a pretty nutritious way to eat. Macrobiotic living -- a one-with-nature philosophy heavy on the whole grains and vegetables -- is riding the wave of interest in organic and healthy foods to new popularity. The complete article can be [...]

‘Alternative’ Medicine Is Mainstream

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In mid-February, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences and the Bravewell Collaborative are convening a "Summit on Integrative Medicine and the Health of the Public." This is a watershed in the evolution of integrative medicine, a holistic approach to health care that uses the best of conventional and alternative therapies [...]

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