How to Overcome the Hangry Horrors

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Hangriness sometimes causes us to make unhealthy choices such as overeating or choosing unhealthy foods. Feeling hangry is a much different sensation than healthy hunger. Healthy hunger is a feeling based on a desire for life; it is a pleasant, mild, and comfortable anticipation of a nice meal. However, feeling hangry is a [...]

Macrobiotics and Seasonal Health

By |2018-03-07T21:28:22-05:00April 20th, 2013|Macrobiotics|

I recently read a blog called “A Season Pattern to Mental Health.” Macrobiotics plays a large role in this pattern for a couple of reasons: Our blood sugar follows the suns movement, thus it follows the seasons as well.  As humans, blood sugar should slowly start to rise after midnight so that we can wake [...]

Emotions and Blood Quality

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In macrobiotics we look at illness as a developmental progression. The first major stage, which is not really an illness itself in many cases, is our blood starting to become imbalanced. Our blood, which has hemoglobin, iron containing protein at the center, is important for maintaining our direction in life. When our blood quality is [...]


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Hypoglycemic people thrive on pressure and tension, physically, emotionally and mentally. Relaxing this pressure is the key to overcoming it. Plenty of variety should be used in grains, without excessive use of pressure cooking or baking. Grains should be soaked and then boiled. Noodles, corn and cracked grain should be included often. Vegetable dishes should [...]

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