If your constitution and condition are more yang, you prefer to be asked questions than to ask them of someone. It also means that you seek questions more than answers. You place more value on the question than the answer, for the reason that a good question has many answers and as time goes on, you get many good answers from one good question. But when you seek the answer, that is the end of the process. That is a very yin process. But you also like to be asked questions if you are a yang person. A yang person likes to be asked to do things. A yin person doesn’t.

If you are constitutionally yin but your answers tend towards yang, this means for most people that their constitution and condition are opposite. However you are born, you seek what you lack. That is making your capacity grow. You are not opposing your nature. This is a natural process. It is natural order, natural movement. It makes your capacity grow. The secret of success, which means realizing our potential, is to know what quality we can take, to build up, to support what we lack.

If we take bad quality, we get sick. If we take good quality, we get great. If you are yang, then you must find out what kind of good quality yin you can take to build and support your nature. And if you are yin constitutionally, you need to know what kind of good quality yang you can take. Then you build up your potential fully.