how to lose weight on macrobiotic diet

Food and Weight Loss

Food is our strongest desire. No one can conquer his or her appetite. If you eat in an imbalanced way, your appetite always wins. For example, if you take something salty, you are forced to drink. You can’t escape because the salt needs the water to make balance. If you eat something dry, you have to drink. With the best modern packaging, we still can’t keep pretzels dry. It is impossible, because the dryness seeks moisture, seeks liquid. If you eat salty pretzels you seek liquid.

We can say, who is thirsty? Are you thirsty or are the pretzels thirsty?

When you eat the pretzels it is the same thing. There is no difference anymore.

If your condition is not balanced, then you can’t control your appetite. Even though you know what to do, you can’t do it. The secret is learning how to make a balance for your condition, so that you can naturally start to control your appetite. Everything changes to its opposite. The current approach to losing weight is restricting yourself. But when you restrict yourself, you want to eat. Of course to lose weight we have to have some restriction. However, the overall approach should not be restriction but instead addition. Everyone should include a variety of healthy foods. This will leave you more satisfied. And less likely to binge eat or turn to unhealthy foods. Let’s take a look at macrobiotic weight loss.

Balanced Macrobiotic Diet

  • Plan every meal around cooked grains and grain products
  • Familiarize yourself with the variety of grains available at health-food stores.
  • Eat at least one vegetable dish with every meal.
  • Eat a wide range of vegetables
  • Use different vegetable combinations and cook them in a variety of ways
  • Try to eat an equal amount or preferably more vegetables than grains.
  • Incorporate a variety of healthy foods into your diet
  • Eat one small bowl of soup every day.
  • Eat naturally pickled and fermented foods
  • Remember that you do not have to eat meat, poultry, or dairy for complete nutrition. Plants, not animals, are the best source of protein and other essential nutrients.

If you eat a balanced diet than your body will naturally lose weight to get to a healthy weight. It’s important to develop a macrobiotic weight loss diet plan, and stick to it.

Help with Macrobiotic Diet and Weight Loss

Need assistance with losing weight? Schedule a macrobiotic counseling session with Denny Waxman. Denny, macrobiotic counselor, has forty-five years of experience working with clients on their health. In one session, you will be able to discuss health problems, receive recommendations, and have a unique health plan that will meet your needs.