Trudi Pier (Hashimoto’s)

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From Brownies to Brown Rice         For years, I had numerous problems with my digestive tract. My mother used to refer to it as “nervous stomach.” I always leaned towards sweets; brownies were my favorite. Every time I ate them though, I felt lousy. In addition to my stomach problems, I also experienced bouts of [...]

Tammy Quigley (asthma and Hashimoto’s)

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I discovered macrobiotics while seeking a better, healthier way of eating. Two years prior, I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder called Hashimoto thyroiditis and also struggled with seasonal asthma. I took macrobiotic cooking classes in my hometown with Phyllis Reynolds. The classes were very helpful, but I needed to know what I needed to [...]

Gordon Mackie (Crohn’s Disease)

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Denny, my name is Gordon Mackie. Back in the early 80s, I consulted you regarding my Crohn’s disease at the East West Centre in London. The dietary and general good living advice I received from you, and later Jon Sandifer led me to lead a very full and healthy life. Crohn’s is no longer detected [...]

Stacey L. Cantor-Adkins – M.D. (Chronic Fatigue)

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Macrobiotics saved my life. 18 years ago, I was incapacitated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, from which I had been suffering for 14 years.  I had lost hope of ever recovering.  Then I discovered macrobiotics and Denny Waxman, and my fortunes began to change.  Denny gave me a clear direction of how I could recover my [...]

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