Macrobiotics saved my life. 18 years ago, I was incapacitated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, from which I had been suffering for 14 years.  I had lost hope of ever recovering.  Then I discovered macrobiotics and Denny Waxman, and my fortunes began to change.  Denny gave me a clear direction of how I could recover my health and guided me every step of the way.  He showed me that my diet and lifestyle contributed to my illness and how, by reversing these factors, I could heal myself.  For me, it was a miracle.  With a lot of hard work, I was able to reclaim my health and my life.

Three years later, Denny guided me through a natural and healthy pregnancy and childbirth.  Afterwards, he counseled me in raising my child according to the macrobiotic lifestyle.  My son, now nearly 15 years old, is incredibly healthy, happy and vibrant.

I began to study with Denny Waxman as soon as I began counseling with him.  I completed the two-year Macrobiotic Counselor Training Program at the Strengthening Health Institute and continued with the Graduate Studies Program.  Every time I sit in his classes, I continue to be overwhelmed with inspiration and joy.  I can say from my vast experience that Denny is an educator, counselor and motivator par excellence.  With his keen intuition and his mastery of macrobiotic theory, he offers amazingly effective solutions and recommendations.  He clearly explains how macrobiotics is a way of understanding the universal laws of nature, so we can make better choices about how to direct our lives.  These macrobiotic principles can be applied to all spheres of life, including diet, activity and lifestyle, in order to achieve harmony and balance. His teachings extend far beyond individual self-healing however.  He teaches how this universal macrobiotic understanding can also be used to create practical approaches to healing environmental, societal and global ills.

Denny Waxman is a serious thinker and true visionary with a large world-view, working to promote personal and planetary health.  He is the kind of inspirational leader of which the world is in short supply.  He is uniquely poised to lead us through these troubled times, by showing us how we can rediscover our common sense and intuition to live to our full potential and create a more peaceful and joyous world.