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The city of Chicago has a competitive job market, long winters, and busy streets. Therefore, it is easy to lose track of your health and forget to take care of yourself. This is why it is important to find a Chicago macrobiotic counselor that you can talk to in the comfort of your own home. Well, your in luck! Denny Waxman, a macrobiotic counselor, meets with clients over FaceTime or Skype to discuss health problems, give recommendations, and plan health goals.

To learn how to incorporate macrobiotics into your life, schedule time with Denny now!

Why Should I Choose Denny as My Chicago Macrobiotic Counselor?

Clients choose Denny as their macrobiotic counselor because of his forty-five years of experience and his positive approach to diet and lifestyle. Instead of pressuring clients to change all habits and practices at one time, he wants clients to add and build healthy habits and meals over time. It is about going your own pace and creating long lasting health.

Why Should I Choose Macrobiotic Diet and Lifestyle?

Macrobiotics is a plant-based diet and lifestyle that is based on world traditional practices and habits proven to promote health, vitality, and longevity. 

Two Main Reasons to Go Macrobiotic:

  1. Macrobiotics is a lifestyle, not just a diet. In macrobiotics, healthy practices include taking time to eat, eating without distractions, spending time with family and friends, making a regular eating schedule, gardening, and taking a daily walk. Why are these practices important for someone living in Chicago? Adding daily healthy practices makes you feel calmer, less stressed, and energetic each day. This will not only improves your personal life but also work. You will feel more effecient and energetic each day at work which means you will get more done.  
  2. Macrobiotics is focused on creating long-term health. Unlike restrictive diets that lead to negativity and eventual giving up, macrobiotics is about implementing simple but powerful practices and foods at your own pace. It is worth it even if you just add one healthy choice per day or week.

Keep in mind, misconceptions about macrobiotics are unable to eat at restaurants and only Japanese cuisine. These are not true. One is still able to go to restaurants on a macrobiotic diet and lifestyle. It is best to choose a restaurant with vegetable and grain dishes on the menu. As for macrobiotic cuisines, any type of Asian, Middle Eastern, North-African, Mediterranean, and other parts of Europe.

How to Setup a Macrobiotic Counseling Appointment

  • Call 215-271-1858 to schedule an hour long appointment with Denny Waxman (Contact)
  • Next fill out the health assessment online which will include a health history (birth place and date), present concerns, or any other questions you may have.
  • Along with that you will need to send a recent headshot. A headshot is important for Denny to see your face. The face gives insight into your health and be able to give his recommendations.
  • Setup in a place with good wifi that you can FaceTime or Skype

What to Expect in Your First Session for Macrobiotic Counseling

The first session is to create a concise health plan for you, the client, on how to improve your health and lifestyle. This includes going over what not to do, lifestyle issues, prioritize what you need to do, and discuss home remedies. Since these counseling sessions are one-on-one, Denny’s recommendations will be unique and personalized to meet your health concerns and needs.

Some find one macrobiotic counseling session gets them back on track while other may want to schedule follow up sessions. So it is up to you and what you need to start creating long lasting health.

Top 3 Health Problems People Come to See Denny

  • Cancer – Recommendations around more emotional and psychological needs and support
  • Overweight/ High Blood Pressure – Recommendations focus on diet and activity
  • Infertility – Recommendations on family support, health, and alignment together. This is unusual because two people are involved rather than one.

Other common issues include diabetes, cardiovascular issues, allergies, lyme disease, sleep problems, anxiety, eating disorders, and hypoglycemia. Keep in mind, you DO NOT have to have medical reason to make an appointment with Denny. Many clients come to him simple to be healthier, look younger, and improve their overall health. Schedule a macrobiotic consultation today!

Want to learn more about macrobiotics? Denny and Susan Waxman run a non-profit macrobiotic education business called SHI Macrobiotics. SHI Macrobiotics has online courses, events, and on-site classes. These focus on the macrobiotic diet, principle of diagnosis, meal prep, and cooking classes.

For more interesting articles about nutrition, macrobiotics, and living a healthy lifestyle, please visit Denny’s macrobiotic blog.